Tori of Mallon, Mallon Mercago
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Mallon
Faction Alliance
Race Gnome
Gender Female
Class Rogue
Guild Gray Tiger Tong
Professions Skinning & Leatherworking
IC Info
Title Associate
Hair Pink
Eyes Brown
Skin Lightly tanned

Physical DescriptionEdit

Tori of Mallon has pink hair and brown eyes. Her skin is lightly tanned and she walks with the swagger of a pirate.


Speaking an odd pidgeon language called Hish, Mallon can be quite hard to understand. She seems to be confident in her abilities and enjoys her work, especially when it involves handsome and wealthy men.


In her own words:

"My estrel is so buen, I managed to mat me a bear once. I was out in the monties when this big old oso rushed me! I didn’t have any tiemp to reach for my cuch, so I golped him on the nosie with my mans. He matted awful quick, and little Mallon Mercago was left with nice carnoso, and hide to boot! Mecant the estrel! The estrel isn’t always so shiny, though. My paddies were matted by them munstras in Gnomer. Buen thing Hish came and ensen these skills and idios to me when I was a joven. But nevermind! Estrel conmi now, and this peq gnome is going to be the most rico and temmed Gnome in the mund!"

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