Earthen Ring Wiki
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Macbano
Faction Alliance
Race Dwarf
Gender Male
Class Hunter
Guild Honored Circle
IC Info
Title Owner, Bear and Blunderbuss Tavern


Always adventurous and looking for a good story with his ale.


A hunter from Khaz Modan set out in the world many years ago. Along the way he befriended an Ice Claw Bear who helped him stay warm one cold winter night. Because of this and his sense of humor his new companion was named Snuggles. If Snuggles always looks pissed, this is why. One drunken night in Ironforge, Macbano agreed to become leader of the Ironforge Senate. Shortly afterward he sobered up and realized he made a mistake and would be stuck in Ironforge forever playing politics. After his brief stint in the Senate he went out in the wild again and wasn't seen by civilized peoples for many months. Recently he has returned and decided to open a tavern in the park to share his love of beer and story telling with the people of Stormwind. He now goes off in search of the world's greatest beers to provide at the Bear and Blunderbuss.

The Bear and Blunderbuss Tavern[]

Sick of watered down beer, or Night Elves and their Pinot? Come to the Bear and Blunderbuss Tavern! We serve the finest in ales throughout the land that meet the traditional standards of dwarven brewing.

Drinks being featured:

Darkmoon Special Reserve Cherry Grog Dwarven Stout Thunder Ale Rhapsody Malt Also ask if we have any special drinks!

The tavern is located in the Park on the north side. Look for the bear! But don't start anything or he'll eat ya!

Oh, Night Elves, you're always welcome just leave your pinot at home.