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Lukantan bel'Eroth
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Lukantan
Faction Horde
Race Troll
Gender Male
Class Priest
Guild Tears of Draenor
Professions Tailoring
IC Info
Nicknames Luk
Title Exile
Age Unknown
Height 6'2" (7'5" upright)
Hair Orange
Eyes Red
Skin Blue-Green
Alignment Neutral

.: Appearance :.

Skeletally thin, Lukantan carries the look of a troll nearing the end of his days on Azeroth. His blue-green skin now carries a faint gray tinge and carries the recent scarring of countless burns. A full head of hair once enviable by fellow Trolls has receded to a shadow of its former glory. Lukantan tends to prefer lavish ceremonial robes to disguise his withered appearance, especially robes of elvish design and pattern. He carries in his right hand an enchanted staff which is not only effective for the casting of spells, but for the support of his frame whilst walking. He tends to favor his right arm, as his left has been reduced to a state of decay from the shoulder joint on down.

.: Personality :.

Once jovial and confident, Lukantan has retreated with himself, becoming a shameless introvert following his self-imposed exile though around close friends his once energetic personality may come to surface from time to time. Lukantan tends to regard youthful individuals as annoyances as they do not yet carry with them the wisdom of a full life, and as an extension to this, it is notoriously difficult to gain his respect.

.: History :.