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Loren'thal Neph'anis
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Lorenthal
Faction Horde
Race Blood Elf
Gender Male
Class Paladin
Guild Guildless
Professions embezzler, venture capitalist
IC Info
Nicknames Loren, the Lip
Title Viscount
Age Middle
Height average
Hair black
Eyes shaded
Skin pale
Alignment neutral

Physical Description[]

Loren is a typical looking blood elf in many ways - he has a slim but muscled build, well kept hair, manicured nails, stylish clothing. What sets him apart is his hare lip - a devastating birth defect for a vain elf. Loren keeps his black hair back out of his face and is never seen without his sunglasses.


Loren is devious, canny, and cautious. He looks out for his own best interests first and is wary of others trying to take advantage of him. He's intelligent and ambitious but sometimes bites off more than he can chew. He's not afraid of risks, when they're potentially profitable ones.


Loren's family, a minor noble family with an estate in Goldenmist Village famed for its brandy, had high hopes of becoming one of the larger, more respected families in the Silvermoon court. The invasion of the Scourge, and perhaps the transparent self-serving nature of his mother, derailed these plans. The Neph'anis family sought unsuccessfully for compensation for their losses, and now maintain a slightly awkward and uncomfortable position in the noble houses of Silvermoon.

Loren served in the military in Silvermoon for most of his career, where they moved him from the field to headquarters to take advantage of his skills in negotiation and diplomacy. There he was tasked with maintaining the working relationship with the Forsaken to combat the Scourge. Unsatisfied with the loss of his family's wealth, he was caught embezzling war funds from several of the larger noble houses - the same houses that had denied the Neph'anis requests for assistance. Electing to leave town and start anew, Loren managed to smuggle out a great deal of the wealth that he had embezzled over the years. It is now hidden in different locations around Azeroth.

Spending stolen coins can be risky when you're trying to keep a low profile, however, so Loren turned to some new associates to transform his Silvermoon crowns into Goblin and Alliance currency. The Grey Tiger Tong was happy to perform the service, for a reasonable percentage.

Loren has a somewhat strained relationship with the Tong these days. They have performed several services for him in addition to the money laundering (including "persuading" a stubborn businessman in the Bay to sell Loren the majority share in his shop). The Tong now consider him to be a customer of theirs but Loren is trying to keep his options open, occasionally threatening to shop a new contract out to another group, like the Drunken Monkey Brewery. The Tong would likely consider this a betrayal of trust so it remains to be seen how independent Loren will be able to remain, considering he has few resources other than stolen wealth to work with.