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Letters Home

--by Jordis

4th Day of the Fifthmonth[]

My Blessed Family:

Life in exile is everything I thought it to be, and worse. Everything here is so foreign, and it seems the tasks to be done are endless! It seems like there is little initiative on the part of the common people to do anything for themselves. I've done some of the most menial tasks: delivering items, culling wildlife populations... I'm surprised I haven't been asked to save a kitten from a tree, at this rate. Still, I suppose anything that earns me favor with the Triumverate of the Hand is worth any paltry task of labor. I'm hoping that as a Blade of Argus I'll be able to rejoin you in the Outlands soon.

I haven't seen nor heard any word on Ehdessel, but I'm sure he's all right. He probably found a nice place to hole up in, and is enjoying the local cuisine. I swear sometimes I don't know what Velen saw in him, but I guess there's something.

The jungle is hell, by the way. I think I'd rather fight an army of ravagers than deal with the incessant buzzing and biting of the insects in this thrice-Accursed jungle. I think the only thing that's worse is the water; it's been so polluted by the work of the Venture Company here that it's downright unpalatable. But then, what can you expect from goblins? They'd rather blow things up than fix them.

I've made friends with a young mage named Serafima, though. She's a bit intolerable with her pyromaniac tendancies, but I suppose beggars can't be choosers in this new world we're in. I've also befriended a Night Elf, finally, someone who isn't shorter than me! She calls herself Kerennia, though she doesn't seem inclined to talk much at all most of the time. That's fine by me, you all know how much I love meaningless conversation.

Other than that, I suppose Azeroth is a nice enough place. It's still hard being here without really knowing anyone, but I'm making a few friends, so it's not so bad. I still miss all of you, and hope I can return home soon.

May A'dal bless you all, and keep you safe.

Blade of Argus
Defender, Third Class