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Byron M. Langley


  • Full Name: Byron Montague Langley
  • In-Game: Langley
  • Nicknames: Byron, Boss
  • Race: Gnome
  • Professions: Arms Dealer, Manufacturer, Industry Giant (no pun intended)
  • Age: 227 (Approximately 65 in Human years.)
  • Sex: Male
  • Hair: Greying Blonde
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Weight: 56 lb.
  • Height: 3'1"


Langley is a gnome of average height and average weight. His expression is often set in a wry smile or a dour scowl. His skin is reddened with age and exposure. His hair is growing white, though it remains apparent that he was once blonde. He dresses in finely tailored clothing, of obvious expense. His fingers are dotted with the rings of various guilds and organizations. Among them is a gold wedding band beset with pearls.


Langley is akin to the tycoons of Victorian America. He took fierce pride in his company (Langley Firearms), his products and the status they brought him. He obviously enjoyed finery and the showmanship associated with his station. It was thus quite a surprise to everyone when he recently sold is company for a hefty sum and took an early retirement.

Despite his great wealth Langley does not attempt to openly demean or insult those of lesser means - more for the sake of image than idealism. He's quick to crack a joke, quick to laugh loudly and hoarsely, and quick to anger if pressed or insulted. He makes it very clear that he favors his friends outrageously, and dotes openly on his wife Bonnyjune.