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Kynas by Star

Basic Information[]

  • Full Name: Kynas
  • In-Game: Kynas
  • Guild: House of Stormrage
  • Title: Supply Specialist
  • Race: Nightelf
  • Class: Rogue
  • Professions: Tailor & Item Procurement


"The lone elven sentry paced above the span, keeping vigil even though still nursing a wounded left arm. He and others had vainly hoped that the ever-increasing warfare against the Horde on distant battlegrounds would lessen the random raids and senseless attacks against his beloved Astranaar. But this had not proven to be. Usually, there would be two guards upon this overpass, but after barely repelling the last assault, Baeliss was all that could be spared. He rested a hand on the signal horn at his belt in an attempt to reassure himself just as the first arrow struck.

Baeliss never saw his killer, nor did the night elf sentry even cast his eyes for the attackers. As the taste of blood filled his mouth and the smooth wood of the bridge rose to meet him, with failing strength and fading hope, he cast a silent prayer; that his last breath be enough to sound the small silver horn and warn his family.

From just beyond the trees they ran, a small party of Forsaken. They wasted no time to search the body of the lone elven sentry before moving past and across the bridge. The elven hamlet was indeed ripe for plundering if their defenses were as feeble as this. His partner beside him offered a wide, toothy grin as if sharing the same thought, only a moment before his head fell off.

The wire was so thin it was nearly imperceptible, fashioned of finely braided mithril wire and coarsened with diamond dust. It looped twice around the Forsaken’s neck before Kynas jerked back hard on one end and then the other, sawing the garrote with cold precision. As the green-grey head landed at his feet, the elven rogue offered a very convincing imitation of the face's shocked expression before putting his boot to it and sending it spinning off into the river below. The remaining two attackers turned as one toward Kynas, swords and daggers at the ready. “Pfft,” the night elf muttered toward them both, “Save yourself the trouble and just use those on yourself.” The Forsaken moved to flank the lone elf as the panther fell upon them from behind with a vengeful roar. "

Story from from the Crimson Quiver Part 2 written by Larisan.
Used by permission.