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Kyltania Dromedes
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Kyltania
Faction Neutral
Race Aberration
Gender Female
Class Sorceress
Guild The Felfire
Professions Occult Investigations
IC Info
Nicknames "Tania" or "Witch"
Age Unknown
Height 5'-5"
Hair White
Eyes Deep Red
Skin Pale

Physical DescriptionEdit


She is known to be kind, usually disarming people at first meet. Incredibly polite, soft-spoken, shy, at times charming. But an immense beast lies beneath the surface of this woman. Usually blood and gore would not phase her, but the thought of romance might make her recoil, as if she were easily flustered by it at times.

There is an air of confidence about her that coats a deep self loathing. She never really sought power... she just was powerful, and hated it. Having to deal with highly volatile, uncontrolled gifts through her youth she became very withdrawn from the world as a dysfunctional outcast. It wasn't till later years that she experienced a more fulfilling life, almost what one would consider, being robbed of her childhood.

Walk softly and carry a big stick is her motto. Those who have crossed her usually end up regretting it. There was once rumor that she made soul shard jewelery for herself from one poor sod who agitated her. If it is vengeance she wants she will make it a point to make one's existence quite miserable.


This woman's past is shrouded in mystery and very few know of her origins and what made her the way she is.


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