Earthen Ring Wiki

Full Name: Krixx

In-Game: Krixx

Nickname: "Krixx the Great" <--Self proclaimed title

Guild: Bunny Slammich

Title: "Krixx the Great," a title he made up himself, to fuel his ego

Race: Forsaken

Class: Warlock

Professions: Engineering/Enchanting

Sex: Male

Hair: Black


Weight: 100 lbs

Height: 6'0" when not slouching.

Garments/Armor: When he's walking around town, You'll never find him without his purple wizard's cap. He usually takes it off for serious combat to make sure it doesn't get damaged.

Other: Never found without his demons at his side. Some say they may even be tightening their grip on his mind.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, with a dash of Chaotic Evil thrown in I suppose


A total lunatic. Often gets himself and his party in trouble. (Anyone who's partied with me at all knows this only too well >_>) Doesn't really care what the consequences of his actions are, he simply does what he wishes at all times. He has a tendency to do what is best for him, though sometimes he will feel some remorse for his actions. He has, on occasion, stuck up for his friends, and he treats his demons kindly enough. The flip side of the coin is that he's killed when directed to before, and at that time felt little.

He takes great pride in defending the Horde, as long as they continue to reward and revere him. Doesn't usually appreciate all the snide remarks about what he supposedly does with his succubus all the time (true or not).

He's been slowly getting a bit better over the months, though it's pretty safe to say he'll never be considered Good.