Konney Plugvolt Harrison
OOC Game Stats
Faction Alliance
Race Gnome
Gender Female
Class Warlock
Professions Tailoring, skinning
IC Info
Nicknames Konney
Age Adult
Height Gnomish
Build Gnomish
Hair Black and sassy
Skin Slightly paler than the general gnome population
Occupations Warlocking, tailoring, skinning

Physical DescriptionEdit

Being a gnome, Konney Plugvolt Harrison looks like a gnome.  Short, a little round.  Her black hair is pretty in the back and sassy in the front.  When she's at work, she wears whatever best aids her in combat.  When she's hanging around town meeting someone in a tavern, she prefers to wear a dress.  Wherever she goes, she is accompanied by her constant companion, Karpep.  (Karpep, of course, is her imp minion.)  While she speaks frequently to him, no one else as yet has heard him reply.


Konney is generally talkative and generally blunt.  Sometimes she oversteps boundaries, but she's friendly and social.  She's a friendly, engaging conversationalist, quick to step in with her opinion, and admits that her ethics are a little flexible.  As she says, "Dude.  I'm a warlock, not a priest."  (She calls a lot of people "dude."  She's also quick to assign casual nicknames to her friends and acquaintances.)  While she spends a lot of her free time in taverns hanging out with old friends and making new ones, she prefers not to get truly drunk, and finds the experience disorienting.


Konney's grandparents escaped Gnomeregan to open a parts shop in a quiet corner of Ironforge very near the Forlorn Cavern.  Loosely interested in engineering, they were more deeply invested in fel magic.  Their only child, a daughter almost entirely known as Shadow, commanded demons from a very young age.  Growing up, she fell in love with her parents' male apprentice, Roller Plugvolt.  After Roller and Shadow married, they moved to Stormwind to open a shop there, expanding the family business.

The Plugvolts had two children, Nsil Nsil and Konney.  Konney followed closely in her parents' footsteps, developing a love for fel magic and an easy friendship with the demons who did her bidding.

Living near Goldshire at the time was another young family, the Harrisons.  Although the Harrisons were humans and devoted to the Light, during their visits to Stormwind they became close friends of the Plugvolts.  The two families frequently visited back and forth.  Unfortunately, during one trip, Roller and Shadow were killed by the Defias lurking in the area.

Konney and her brother were adopted by the Harrisons.  While the human family adored Konney, they never fully accepted her embracing of fel magic.  She returned their affection, understood their reluctance, and left home at a relatively young age with her best friend and constant companion, Karpep, her imp minion.

In her travels, she is sometimes seen working in friendly cooperation with a dwarf paladin, someone she claims is a platonic friend.

Konney Plugvolt Harrison loves good food, good alcohol, and good company.  She's just a gal in search of a good time, although (if you're curious) the quickest way to rile her is to mention Stormwind's restrictions against minions.