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OOC Game Stats
Game Name Klavena
Faction Alliance
Race Draenei
Gender Female
Class Paladin
Guild The Order of the Ebon Circle
Professions Black smith
IC Info
Title Colonel
Age Unknown
Height 6 ft
Hair White
Skin Purplish
Alignment Lawful Good (with Neutral tendencies)

Physical Description[]

She is short for her kind, but carries herself with pride. Her armor is always in excellent condition.


Serious and watchful.


Klavena was orphaned, as were many of her kind. She found herself making friends with many different races and never being concerned why they were different. As she grew older the Aldor came to take her for training, teaching her the ways of the light, teaching her to fight for justice... well, their justice. Klavena's closest childhood friend had gone a similar path, however; he was a blood elf and had been trained by Scryers. She soon found herself facing her one-time companion on the field of battle and could not bring herself to swing her sword against him. Her commanders were not pleased and viewed this as a great strike against all that the Light had done. They could not banish her, for Klavena had fought bravely and without fault in her many years with the Aldor, but they could not allow her to remain with the Aldor for many would see her as a threat. So to resolve this issue, her commander decided to place her with the Scryers as a liaison between the two factions.

Klavena did not take to this lightly and only looked at it as a way to regain favor with those who had sheltered and educated her. She took to the job with great vigor. But things would not be so easy, for her NEW commander trusted her less than the Aldor as a whole and would make it his duty to cause nothing but trouble for her. She soon found herself paired with the one thing she disdained more than demons--a warlock! But as is her way, she made the best of the situation, soon becoming very good friends with her new human companion. Now she will continue to earn back the trust that she lost from all that surround her.


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