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Prophetess Kith'Antara
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Prophetess
Faction Alliance
Race Night Elf
Gender Female
Class Druid
Guild Level Up
Professions Alchemy / Herbalism
IC Info
Nicknames Kith
Title Visionary of the Talon
Age 5000
Height 7'2"
Hair Dark Blue
Eyes Moonglow White
Skin Rose
Alignment Neutral Good

Physical Description

Coming soon!


Coming soon!


Kith'Antara has lived for millennia, thousands of years and counting; yet, she lives each day in demented torment. She was born with the unique gift of sooth-saying, seeing the future, but her parents saw it as a worthless, idle talent and never sought to train her. "The future is dangerous," they told her, "And it should not be seen by eyes like yours..." So, she went untrained...but the talent did not dissipate without training, rather it took control of its own accord. More often than not, it would take hold of Kith when she was conversing with someone, oftentimes giving her a very distracted or detached appearance. Naturally, this made her seem very odd, and there were those who sought to avoid her later on. Because of this, Kith eventually began to wander the world alone, keeping herself very distant from the world at large.

Special Notes

  • Prophetess is hardly ever seen out of the company of a young human mage named Alistor (in-game Pizzazz).

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