Herald Kirethoi Duskrunner
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Kírethoí
Faction Alliance
Race Human
Gender female
Class Paladin
Guild Templars of the Rose
Professions skinning, leatherworking, scribe
IC Info
Nicknames Kir
Title Herald
Age 25
Height 5'8"
Build Medium
Hair Brown
Eyes Emerald green
Skin Light brown
Occupations Messenger, herald, fighter, healer
Alignment Neutral good

Description and Personality[edit | edit source]

Kirethoi Duskrunner, at first glance, is fairly ordinary. Normally dressed in plain clothes and leather armor, her long, straight hair is a perfectly ordinary shade of brown, and her skin is a light dusky brown. Upon closer examination, a pair of startlingly green eyes are set deep in her face, with a straight, aristocratic nose and full lips that always seem to be smiling.

Kirethoi speaks little, but when she does, her voice is full and throaty, the same as her laughter. Her hands are often busy, whether holding a book (likely a history or a romance novel), sharpening her weapons, or crafting goods from leather. She speaks plainly but courteously, but is easily angered and, rather than her daggers or sword, uses her words to wound. 

Like many of the other Templars, Kirethoi loves a good story and a mug of ale at the end of a long day's work, and is frequently found in their company at the Mug and Sandvich in Ironforge or the Pig and Whistle in Stormwind, whiling away the hours. She listens much more than she speaks, but is an excellent storyteller when the mood takes her, and favors tales of old battles and fairy tales. 

History[edit | edit source]

Few things are known about Kirethoi, save that she served the noble House of Dyrnalis in old Lordaeron as a messenger and later as its herald. Her real surname is unknown, and some of her friends in the Templars speculate that her family must have all died, perhaps even were murdered in front of her, for she never speaks of them. 

Lady Polyhymnia Bordren, nee Dyrnalis, was and is Kirethoi's especial friend, and introduced her to the Templars with a shining recommendation. Kirethoi served the Templars in the same capacity as she had the House of Dyrnalis, as messenger and herald. Once aboard, Kirethoi slowly began to claim friendships, particularly that of Vendon, Kanta, and Althwyn. 

Cataclysm/Mists of Pandaria[edit | edit source]

Kirethoi was inspired by the example of the many paladins of the Templars, and, having served a great number of paladins of the House of Dyrnalis, opted to undergo training to become a member of the Silver Hand. Currently, she is concluding training at Northshire Abbey, and plans to leave shortly to locate the remaining Templars after the destruction of Theramore. 

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