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Kirensa Frostweaver
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Kirensa
Faction Alliance
Race Draenei
Gender Female
Class Mage
Guild Eviction Notice
Professions Tailoring (250)
IC Info
Nicknames Kira
Title Maiden of the Frozen Rose
Age 20 (est. human years)
Height 6'8"
Hair Black
Eyes Pale Blue
Alignment Lawful Neutral


Physical Attributes[]

Kirensa is a statuesque young draenei at 6'8" tall. Despite her height, she lends a sense of being very delicate in her cautiously graceful movements. Her facial structure is very fine-boned with high cheekbones and arched brows, almost following the curvature of the horns that arch backward from her temples.

Casual Attire[]

When out and about in town, Kira typically wears dresses or robes made of comfortable, inexpensive materials; linen or wool, usually, very rarely silk. She is always well-groomed, almost meticulous in her appearance.

Professional Attire[]

Out in the field, Kira wears whatever is practical and seems more interested in function rather than fashion. On the battlefield, her appearance is a little more haphazard and unkempt, as her focus is more on survival than it is on beauty.


Kirensa is introspective and thoughtful, oftentimes making her appear hesitant or shy. She oftentimes does not seek to be the center of attention, content to wallflower on the outskirts, absorbing everything with a rapt fascination.

If approached, Kirensa will critically inspect the person, almost like someone who has met another before and is trying to "place them". It is mistaken, frequently, for her glaring at someone.



Kirensa was sent on the exodus from Draenor by her parents, who wanted her to continue her magical education and to spare her the horrors of the war against the Burning Legion. Alone and on her own, she explores the world of Azeroth in hopes of one day being worthy to return home and fight for the honor of her family and the Naaru.

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Friends & Associates[]

  • Kirensa currently has no immediate attachments, spending most of her time alone, exploring the world of Azeroth and preparing for her return to the Outlands.