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Kidney Shot

- by Alkan

Alkan stretched slowly, watching the elf facing her. “So…the point of this…?” He gave a small smirk to her, admiring the tall woman and the dark leather she was wearing for her training garb. It felt weird for himself wearing pants for this, but she seemed to move even more smoothly than she ever did while wearing her dresses.

Kathetia grinned, sauntering up to him. “I had to learn the hard way, Alkan. Had to take my hits before I gave them out. But that’s from a long time ago, and I’m sure you know that…but you wanted to learn about this, and offered quite the return for me…”

The human nodded slightly, making a small slide forward to her, moving inside the training ring of sand. “I appreciate you want to show me your trade…” He looked up and gave a secret smile to her, then shifted forward again, craning his neck slightly to look up to her, trying to make up for the foot and a half that he lacked on her size.

Kathetia swayed slightly, letting her hands drop to her side. “Well now then, Alkan…I’m going to hit you.” Without warning she suddenly jerked forward, her hand instantly balling into a fist. Before Alkan could even lift his hands, the fist fired forward into his kidney, digging into his flesh.

The human groaned loudly, his eyes rolling up for a second. The elf jerked away her hand and the boy fell forward onto the floor, doubled over like a jackknife. He howled again, wincing and grabbed at his gut.

“God DAMMIT!!!”

Kathetia grinned and bent down to look at him. “Hurts, doesn’t it?”

Alkan groaned again. “Can’t we do this any easier? Something less…ugggghhh…” He wrapped his arms around his stomach, whimpering slightly.

The elf only laughed. “Clear out the blood when you can, Alkan. We’ll start over soon enough.” She grinned and tossed him a wink, walking out of the room to give him enough time to recover. The young man could only groan again and wheeze, trying to stave off the horrible, debilitating pain keeping him from even sitting up.