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Rheyann "Key" Varlor (Key-Rheyann; "Keirian")/ Kiiyue "Key" Talas Hinitimaei
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Keirian
Faction Horde
Race Blood Elf
Gender Female
Class Paladin
Guild Tears of Draenor
Professions Blacksmithing, Jewelcrafting
IC Info
Nicknames Key
Title Advocate
Age 40(?)
Height 5'4"
Hair Bright Auburn
Eyes Emerald Green
Skin Tanned
Affiliations Unknown
Alignment Lawful Neutral


Fine-boned and fair, the elvish form of Keirian is disturbingly slender, giving the impression of a skeleton dressed in elven skin. Appearances can be decieving, however, with the strength of a seasoned soldier and the grace of an experienced weaponsmaster carrying the peculiar powers of faith that seem nothing to do with the Sin'dorei she claim to be part of.

Welling up her own soul to fulfill her magic, the frail elven form often looks too weak to support herself. But though the body may seem to fail, it is the soul's fire in her eyes that carries her onward.

Every so often, the same eyes flare with a sudden green intensity, staring out at the world with the disturbing impression of eternity...


A sharp-tongued and sharp-minded observer, Keirian usually keeps to her own council and observations, although is full of knowledge gathered from bits and ends of every conceivable subject. She cares little for sublety or manners, and when she wishes to make a point, she does it bluntly and directly.

However, her Orcish leaves much to be desired, limiting her capacity to speak in the Horde's primary tongue. She can otherwise carry on a coherent conversation in the Alliance Common tongue.


The arrival of a few before the nexus of worlds registered as barely a ripple in the Nether passages. After all, the mudane mortals had merely opened a single path, offering a two-way walk between two worlds. Simple beings. With little knowledge of what lays beyond.

The Nether, after all, is a webway of paths that open up new and exciting realms of discovery. Travel among these paths is our fate. Our goal.

Few stop.

Few settle.

Look at you now. Devoid of what was once yours, the possibilities that were there. But you pushed it aside, exchanged it for what you could not have.

You became...ordinary. Not... returning...but-


True Identity[]

Few know that this woman is, in truth, Kiiyue Hinitmaei of the Human Alliance - even as she walks among the races of the world in varying forms and bodies. Seeing the present world in two sets of eyes, Keirian carries upon her shoulders the honor and legacy of both halves of the conflict - and perhaps, one day, sees to being one of those that will bring them together.

Or sunder them apart.

Help her write her story.