Earthen Ring Wiki


  • Name: Kavia
  • Age: she's not telling, but certainly a young adult
  • Sex: female
  • Hair: golden
  • Skin: icy blue
  • Eyes: red
  • Height: 8'
  • Weight: far heavier than normal


Orphaned early in life, the Darkspears were a bit too busy to deal with yet another lost and unguided child, so while a few adults thought to keep an eye on her when they had the time, she ended up mostly raising herself. The result, when she was old enough to be a productive member, was a decided lack of useful skills-- so the tribe's mistress took her in and she became one of the "questionable" ladies. Eventually a minor witch doctor took some interest in her (not that way, you pervs) and declared she'd get some shamanism training. Well, something like that. A year later she officially quit with the mistress and became a full-time adventurer with a tendency towards smashing things into tiny bits, and talking to the elements on the side.


For a female troll, Kavia is unusually tall and bulky, although if one is drunk enough she might be pleasing to the eye. Her ears are covered in earrings, ranging from thick, colorful hoops near the lobes to lone precious gems set in studs near the tips. The magically inclined might notice that each and every bauble has at least a faint magical enchantment, although their intended purpose remains a mystery.

Out of battle, she acts different shades of aloof; few people have caught her expressing much emotion at all. In battle she acts much like a beserker, fearlessly charging enemies heedless of danger and beating them until someone stops being able to move. Also, like a berserker, she doesn't seem to notice much pain -- probably for the best, as even when called to in peaceful times she'll favor bandages and herbal remedies over trying to work healing magic.