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Vital Stats

Kathetia Silverwing, drawn by Kathetia

Name: Kathetia Silverwing, though she often insists people only call her Kath.


Age: Unknown

Height: 6'2"

Hair: Stark white and hangs to the middle of her back. Often times is stained with splashes of dark red.

Eyes: Her right eye is scarred, and when not covered by a patch, it can be seen that the eye socket has a black pearl set in. The left eye is a softly glowing white.

Other: She lacks the "normal" facial markings of most female Keldorei. Faint scars run up and down her arms, legs, back and stomach.


The Past

Coming Soon

The Present

After stepping out from the banner of the Silver Dawn, Kathetia has settled within the home of the Kaldorie known as PeeJee.

(More to come)


"Let him die then, how else will he learn from his mistakes?"

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