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  • Name: Kathetia Silverwing
  • In Game Name: Kathetia
  • Nicknames: Kath (her prefered name)
  • Race: Night Elf
  • Eyes: Silver
  • Hair: Long white, often splashed and stained red
  • Height: 6ft2
  • Age: Unknown
  • Class: Rogue
  • Noteable Features: She has no facial tattoos that many other females of the race possess
  • Attire: Kilts and leather harness, simple tribal robes. A flask always on her belt and a dagger strapped to her thigh and barefoot


Kathetia, or Kath as she insists on being called, is often seen with either a bottle or a flask of rum in her hand or on her person. She isn't one that is quick to make promises as she is very serious when making deals of any sort, so much so that she will go as far as upsetting those close to her in order to keep her promises. The woman seems to sway from silent and observant to cruel and spiteful to being an instigator towards others. When around her sister, Fiha, many would notice that the two seem to share a unique bond and often seem to mimic each others movements and speech exactly.

Known Information[]

  • She was once a member of the now defunct Silver Dawn
  • Kathetia has been known to live in Redridge with PeeJee and Asherrean from time to time
  • After returning to Stormwind after a long absence, that few know the details of, she has taken to calling Fiha Quel'Dhanar her sister
  • Lately, Kath has taken to hawking various trollish liquors or offering to obtain items from her Horde connections

Current Affairs[]

Kathetia has been making appearances within Stormwind once again, often in the company of her sister or a man calling himself Hukari. The woman continues with her old habit of people watching, making mental notes while enjoying a bottle of rum. She has recently found herself engrossed in Trollish history, rituals and religions. She tends to vanish from the city for days at a time citing business as her reason.