Welcome to the Slow Blade.

The Slow Blade
Title Sergeant, honorable discharge.
Nicknames None we know of.
Profession Shop Proprietor
Race Orc
Gender Male
Age Old
Height 6' 8"
Weight 250 lbs.
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Red
Skin Color Green
Creator Blizzard
Players with Interest Any member of the Grey/Gray Tiger Tong

Physical DescriptionEdit

Kareth is, like all older orcs, a hardened war veteran. He's of average size and build for an orc and is usually seen around town wearing casual but practical clothing. He's always armed with something that's for sale at the shop.


Kareth is practical and gets right to the point. He doesn't put up with any crap in his shop and would never hesitate to throw a potential customer out if he was causing trouble. He's got a sharp eye for quality and a good business sense.


Kareth prefers not to talk about what happened before Orgrimmar was settled. It's all old news, to him. A few years after the exodus Kareth applied for and received an honorable discharge from his military duties. He took up work as a smith and eventually opened his own weapons shop in the Cleft of Shadows at the bottom of the Orgrimmar valley. His customers in that dark area are ones who recognize quality and go out of their way to seek it.

A few years after opening the shop, though, there were money problems. He entered into a business partnership with one of his best customers, Booth, one of the leaders of the Grey Tiger Tong at the time. The Slow Blade is now the quasi-official horde-side headquarters of the Tong and many of its members call the shop home. Kareth is loyal to the company and quite close to Nerrok and Krelle. He keeps his eyes open for talent or jobs they'd be interested in and occasionally does small jobs around town for them.

Krelle and Kareth

Krelle and Kareth discussing business in the Slow Blade

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