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|subject_name=Kanta Wildsabre
|guild=Templars of the Rose
|title=Marksman, Archer Captain of the Alliance Army
|race=Night Elf
|age=7000+ or so
|weight=220 lbs
|hair=Sage Green
|skin=Light purple
|alignment=Lawful Neutral
|professions=Leatherworking, Skinning
Kanta Wildsabre, a young Kal'dorei Marksman. Captain of the Templars of the Rose, Ex-Archer Captain of the Alliance army, Ex-tavern owner of the Aged Saber tavern, Ex-Silverwing Sentinel squad leader and captain of the Peacebringer ship. For being such a young elf he has quite a history behind his name. Considered a valuble part of the Kal'dorei race with his near perfection aim, always doing his best to improve his skills further. He stands at a short 6'4", which is incredible short for one of his race and age, many of the females of his own race tower far over him, as do all the males.
Kanta has quite a number of battlescars to prove of his stories. Numerous ones along his arms belonging to when he was in his younger years, numerous fel scars across his face and chin from the attack on him and his family by the Satyrs of Satyrnaar, and countless scars of facing his enemies.
The Kal'dorei also has a number of tattoos across his body, in cursive handwriting are written across both his wrists the names 'Alecks' and 'Alumni', on his arm appears to be a faded twin snakes tattoo, swirling around eachother with a dagger in the middle of the two, the tattoo of the Wildsabre seal on his right shoulder (A Saber claw mark.), and the seal of the Silverwing Sentinels on his left shoulder. There appears to be two newer tattoos of another name on his right forearm bearing the name 'Yasu', another child of his, and the name 'Althwyn' across his heart, the name being his wife, Commander of the Templars of the Rose, Althwyn Wildsabre.
Kanta has a quick tempered, trigger finger personality. Often seen as a complete jerk at times by those he dislikes, he has a warm spot in his heart for those of his family, friends, and allies. Often welcoming and holding them dearly close.
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