Kalren Dion Geroux
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OOC Game Stats
Game Name Kalren
Faction Alliance
Race Human
Gender Male
Class Priest
Guild Templars of the Rose
Professions Herbalism, Alchemy
IC Info
Nicknames Kal, Kallykins, Priest, White Robe
Title Father, Brother, Friar, Seeker, Sir (somehow)
Age 47
Height 5'11
Hair Red-Brown
Eyes Green
Skin Pale
Alignment Chaotic Good

Physical Description

Kalren is seen in a white robe 99% of the time. He carries a Bishop's staff with a peculiar blue center, and a priest's hat made of mourning cloth. The formation of his body is nearly too middial to comment, although more feminine than most men. He has an overall slim structure.


Kalren is your traditional Romantic. Very sensitive and emotional to a nearly dangerous point, Kalren believes that no one but himself and whoever he's chosen to attach himself to has much common sense at all. He says dramatic lines, and acts the hero. His usage of superfluous words, along with his odd sense of Romanticism, end up making every sense of the word "large" applied to him, from wealth, to importance (or, he feels important), his bombastic touch to his voice, his sympathy to the weak, and his boasting can be exemplified. He holds true that emotions cloud judgement, and erases as many unneccessary emotions as he can, from hunger to the need to "vent" feelings.


Kalren has all of his family intact, but his family lost track of where his brother went, and his sister went off to marry someone they disapproved of.

He began as a vintner, until converting over to a scribe, and later became a man of the cloth.

He went through an emotional trauma, and even fell to the Shadow for a brief period.

He turned back to the Light, and worked for the Cathedral as an ambassador and representative in Astranaar, of all places.

Once he arrived back, he was furious after he fell in love with a Cieleigh and engaged her, but she died of an unknown disease. Founding a gang named the "Blood Fists" (after the ruthlessness of the Blood Fist group and guild), Kalren found himself the head of the second RRS (Red Raptor Syndicate). He eventually fled from it and studied lost manuscripts with the Templars of Light instead.

Afterward, he was constripted into various positions in Ordo Hereticus, Tagma Kruptos, The Scarlet Battalion, and The Luminous Blade, mainly serving posts similar to an Inquisitor. He learned at The Academy for a while, and took up the uniform of the guard once, until he signed up for the Crimson Hounds Brigade. He stayed with them briefly, until he swore an oath against killing, then against protecting himself physically. He became inspired emotionally, being the proactive and founding the Servants of the Light, his personal monastery where he and his brethrin can spread goodness across the world. That disbanded after a time, and he joined the Templars of the Rose, a similar guild with similar ideas.

He was taken out of the Templars after he was suspected of plotting to murder their second-in-command, and arrested under the charges of: possession of plagued items, carrier of the plague, conspiracy to murder, and perjury. He was fined for the first and last charges, but not before joining House Nightstone as the house healer and a magic adviser.

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