Earthen Ring Wiki
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Kaelinis
Faction Horde
Race Blood Elf
Gender Male
Class Hunter
Guild Circle of Fire
Professions Enchanter/ Apprentice of Kuula
IC Info
Nicknames Kael, Kae, K, Kaely(Kuula....I hate you =D)
Age 26
Height 6'9"
Eyes Dark Green
Skin Pale

Physical Description[]

Kaelinis is big. He is almost seven feet tall and weighs 180 pounds. He is very muscular and strong. He wears mail armor against the flimsy cloth armor of mages and warlocks.


Kaelinis is tough and has never depended on anyone. At age ten he was taught the art of taming beasts to be his pets. He is the type of person who does not need company but will always welcome it. If you see him without his pet by his side you must be dreaming. He will never do anything without his pet. Kaelinis looks to be an angry person but is nice and calm. Kaelinis is very open about himself and his past. Some might call that a weakness but Kaelinis had used that to make people around him to trust him in a way that not may people can do.


Kaelinis was born to a wealthy family of Silvermoon. He lived a great life until his tenth birthday. He had just tamed a dragonhawk and went to bed with his pat at his side. He woke up later that night to find his room filled with smoke and his pet gone. He opened up his door and flame billowed at him burning the entire right side of his body. Pained so bad from the burn Kaelinis blacked out. When he awoke there was no sign that his house ever existed besides a few burned flaked of what used to be his house. It was at that point that a voice started talking to him from inside his head. “Undercity” it said to him as he recuperated from the fire. He traveled to Undercity where as soon as he arrived an older Blood Elf by the name of Kuula stopped him. Kuula was looking for a new apprentice hunter and by the looks of Kaelinis he knew that he was a hunter. He offered Kaelinis a home and food and Kaelinis accepted. On the first day of his new apprenticeship Kuula told him that he would be sent to different places as part of his training. He went on his first task and came back successful. For a while his life was almost uneventful. It wasn’t until Kuula told Kaelinis to venture into Strangelthorn Vale to fight off the approaching of the Amani Trolls. Kaelinis went along not knowing what a dangerous task that had just been asked of him. As Kaelinis ventured into the lands of the Amani he was captured as soon as he had set a foot in their lands.