Faction Alliance
Guild Type PvE
RP Level Light
Size Small/Medium
Guild Master Ishada
Contacts Kuraudo, Bit, Luciius, Casador, Daimeon, Altruisa
Website Link
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Journey is a casual and mature guild with a light roleplay, raiding, and overall atmosphere for those who want to experience the game content offered but are not pressured to do more than they can, all in all a "Casual Raiding Guild."

Guild Journey Logo


Head of the HouseEdit

Sword Mistress: Ishada
Sword Saint: Kuraudo

Class LeadersEdit

Druid: Rathorius
Hunter: [open]
Mage: [Open]
Paladin: [Open]
Priest: [Open]
Rogue: Joxxor
Shaman: [open]
Warlock: [Open]
Warrior: Khellian

The Story of the House of JourneyEdit

RP History:((More to come))

Non-RP History: "Journey" was actually derived from another guild that disbanded in the past called "Midnight Tram" which in fact was also derived from "All the Kings Horsemen." Midnight Tram was lead by Kades (Anatherion); but in its short, but fast life died one day. "Journey" was founded by "Avail" (who is now Kuraudo) but later on passed leadership to someone he knew would be able to lead with a iron-fist. Ishada became the new guild leader, but Kuraudo remains her right hand man. Together with the help of Luciius, Khellian, Altruisa, Daimeon, and many more, the founded the guild "Journey." It remains today doing raids, building friendship, and earning the trust of the Earthen Ring community. --Kuraudosoul 20:00, 19 April 2008 (UTC)

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