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{{Biobox|subject_name=Jordis the Wanderblade
{{Biobox|subject_name=Jordis the Wanderblade

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Jordis the Wanderblade
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Jordis
Faction Alliance
Race Draenei
Gender Female
Class Warrior
Guild Eviction Notice
Professions ► Blacksmithing (430)
► Mining (450)
IC Info
Nicknames Jor, Jo-Jo
Title Argent Defender
Age 21 (human)
Height 7'3"
Hair Dark Blue
Eyes Very Pale Blue
Skin Light Blue
Alignment Lawful Good


Physical Attributes[]

Standing at an imposing 7-foot 3-inches, Jordis cuts an impressive figure. Her dark indigo hair is cropped short for practicality, giving her a very tom-boyish air, an idea she does very little to diffuse. Lean and wiry, her body is well-muscled due to hours training with a variety of arms and armaments.

Casual Attire[]

Jordis is rarely "casual", tending to favor preparedness over comfort. On the very rare occasion she dresses down for a function, she can be seen wearing leather or mail.

Professional Attire[]

Her arms and armor are meticulously cared-for, in fact, it could easily be said that they are more taken care of than she herself is. Dents and scratches are not apparent unless she recently came from the frontlines.


If Jordis could be summed up in one word: Distant. She is very emotionally detached, the deeper recesses of her personality reserved only for those closest to her. She is often taken as being rude or sullen, though she is not. She tends to be direct and unashamed of her opinions, speaking oftentimes off-the-cuff.



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Friends & Associates[]

  • Jordis is rarely seen around any steadfast companions for the moment.