Earthen Ring Wiki

Guild Type: Heavy Roleplay
Active Since: September 21, 2005

Guild Leadership[]

Ace: Dominik
Knaves: Alopex
Contact Points: Taum, Theodel (via in-game mail only)
Ranks: Staff (Special rank made for employees of the Laughing Jester), Two, Nine, Ten, Knave, Ace

Guild History and Synopsis[]

The Jesters are a heavy-RP guild that places an emphasis in roleplaying thievery, and seeks to attract character types that enjoy RPing thieves, pickpockets, sleight of hand artists, and similar concepts. Using the Laughing Jester Tavern as a front, the guild works throughout the underworld of Stormwind society, providing a safe haven for thieves and a structure that allows thieves to operate far more easily under the nose of the law.

The Jesters have been gathered together by a mysterious figure that calls itself the Ace of Diamonds. Under the shadowy guidance of the Ace and its circle of Knaves, the Jesters work as some of the finest thieves in Azeroth. The members work primarily in Stormwind, but have committed thefts across the Eastern Kingdoms.

The Laughing Jester Tavern serves as a front and safe haven for many guild activities. Dominik, the proprietor of the Laughing Jester, takes special pains to keep the bar clean of evidence of any working with the Jesters. If asked about the similarity in name, he will claim that it is simply an unusual coincidence. Members of the thieves' guild are not required to work at the tavern. Conversely, not all employees of the tavern are actually members of the thieves' guild, even if they wear the guild tag.

The Jesters have an IC recruitment process and potential recruits must follow this process if they wish to join the guild. If you are interested in joining the guild, send an in-game letter to Theodel or Taum stating your interest and explaining why you think you would be a good addition to the guild. If you have any questions about the guild that you would like to discuss before applying, feel free to contact Dominik or Alopex with your questions.