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High General Jason "Jhealz" Sprogglerocket II
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Jhealz
Faction Alliance
Race Gnome
Gender Male
Class Priest
Professions Engineering, Taloring
IC Info
Nicknames Jhealz, J, Jam
Title High General
Breed Gnome
Age 42 (17 human years)
Height 4"
Build 77lbs
Hair Blue
Eyes Blue
Skin Light
Occupations Tinkering, Engineering.
Affiliations Alliace, SAFE, Gnomeish Army.
Alignment Netural

Physical Description[]

Armor: In battle: Most of the time, robes and a staff

Out of battle: Shirt, Pants, Maybe a Dagger


He is nice, friendly, but strict if needed. He has a temper but its long so Its hard to well piss him off.


Not much is known other that he is one of Gelbin's best friends, At (5 human years) The troggs took over his home JUST before they invaded Gnomeregan. All other history is not being shared.

Also ripping off Toddles on his last name, he can be seen as a high annoying Gnome.