Earthen Ring Wiki
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Jarkon
Faction Horde
Race Troll
Gender Male
Class Priest
Guild Tears of Draenor
Professions Tailoring
IC Info
Nicknames Jarks, Dollface, Puddin’ Toes
Title Advocate
Age 24
Height 5’9”
Hair Vivid Green
Eyes Blood Red
Skin Blue
Alignment Lawful Good


Jarkon is very, very short, and could almost be classified as a midget. This is a cause of great self-concern for the troll, causing him to adopt an unusually good posture to try to seem as tall as possible. His features are also slightly effeminate, which further makes him doubt his self-image. This problem he tries to remedy with a white war paint he is always seen with. Other than that, his only other defining trait is a withered right arm.


Jarkon is excitable, prudish, and dense. He is well meaning, and often tries to help his friends, but his advice tends to be either bizarre or off topic. He likes to worry, and usually about things that aren’t worth fretting over. Despite that, he fancies himself to be a exceedingly talented and wise priest.


Jarkon was born into the Grimtooth tribe, which could not regenerate wounds. Soon after his birth, a Darkspear raiding party sacking the Grimtooth village and the warrior Rah’kon took the infant Jarkon as both a prize and an heir.

Jarkon lived a privileged life through most of his youth as a premiere warrior, and was thought to be one of the best in his generation. He made up for his small size in great skill, a love of violence, and keen eye for analyzing battle stances. Despite his skill as a fighter, his lineage made him shunned in the very tribal Troll system. He spent most of his time with his sister Jika and only other friend, the old witch doctor Vrand’Dol. He also wound up conceiving a daughter, and then abandoned her.

When Jarkon left for Kalimdor he was planning on being a warrior. However, after an accident, his arm was critically wounded and unable to use a spear properly. Jarkon went into a fit of depression and wallowed in self pity until deciding to train as a priest under Vrand’Dol. He lacked any natural talent for magic, and it wasn’t long into his training before Vrand’dol was killed by the fel infused orcs.

Jarkon, however, continued to search for a master so he could continue down the path to priesthood. He eventually found the aloof High Elf Daeron Isilra, and after much begging and pleading, was taken on as an apprentice. Isilra’s difficult training ways allowed the inept Jarkon to grasp the basics of divine magic, and the two developed a friendship despite their racial differences. Isilra would eventually be recalled, and Jarkon had to start the long process of training himself.

In recant years, Jarkon has found a clan who accepts him, took responsibility for his abandoned daughter, and even started his own family, albeit one that was made under extremely bizarre circumstances. He now stands as an able priest ready to serve the Horde.