Izlude, Master of Silver Skull, Exalted Conquer of Her Dark Lady The Banshee Queen.

Height: Tall Size: Large Skin: Green Weapon of Choice: The Sword

Izlude is a Warrior of unknown lineage of the Blackrock Clan. An early hero of the "great battle for Tarren Mill" Izlude became Exalted with the Dark Lady for his time and service in the battles of Tarren Mill he is often seen riding his undead war charger Kastle. In his time as a member of Heroes of the Horde he achieved the rank of Centurion in the horde army. many years latter reenlisting as a sergeant ultimately reattaining the rank of centurion and then Conquer as a member of BTA.

His Warcry has remained ever constant and reminds us of his loyalties " Doomhammer calls us to Glory, Answer in Blood!"

Guilds: Silver Skulls (First week founding) REAPER CLAN (Retired) Warcry (Retired) Silver Skulls (Current)

Izlude has been seen in outland since October 21st returning (at least part time) to wage the unending war against the races of man.