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Istadan Fernsong
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Istadan
Faction Alliance
Race Night Elf
Class Druid
Guild Camicia Rossa
Professions Skinning, Leatherworking
IC Info
Nicknames Dan
Title Cranky Dreamer
Breed Kal'dorei
Age 10,000+
Height 7'1"
Build Muscular enough
Hair light green
Eyes glowing amber
Skin Purple
Occupations Wanderer
Affiliations Emerald Circle, Druids of the Wild
Alignment Lawful Neutral

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Physical Description[]


A wizened sort of fellow, with few friends.


Istadan was born and bred on Azuremyst Isle, long ago while it was still inhabited by the Kal'dorei. His parents were of merchant class and Istadan was assumed to follow his father's trade until the War. He had always felt kin to the island's critters, being an elf, but his true calling was druidism.