Earthen Ring Wiki
- by Asherrean

An earsplitting crack echoed throughout the thin walled room. A bright red line formed across his back where blood coursed through damaged flesh. Another crack resounded throughout the room, pain distorting consciousness. Incantations died on his lips, magic dissipating. A faint whistled of the wind ending abruptly in a wet thud. No pain this time.

"She's dieing, Koth. Save her."

Asherrean blinked sight back into his eyes; vision coming back as the owner of that harsh voice speaker slammed his staff into a broken figure on the ground. Blood pooled under long blond hair on the cold impassive stone. Lips moved as the ragged incantation, a prayer of Light formed on his lips. No sooner had the chant reverberated off the walls was it cut short as a foot shaped welt rose across his chest against a pattern of scars. Manacled hands were unable to deflect the blow.

A cough… a harsh snap... the crunch of bone... More blood on the stone.

The impassive voice sounded again. "That's lifeblood, Koth. Fail your training, you fail her. The void isn't far now."

Eyes lost focus as a hand snapped forward and tore down across Ash's face, riverlets of blood further distorting sight. Chains went taught as Ash's legs gave out, a dry staccato song forming on his lips.

The chant was everything... the only thing... There was a vague awareness of cane and fist, but that no longer mattered as Ash retreated inside himself, giving himself to the casting. Somewhere a man's lung was pierced as a knee met ribs. Golden white energy pooling with each monosyllabic word. Only light, the shadow beyond, and the chant remained. Only three stanzas remained. Ash mused as they passed his lips if the man would be allright. One last breath, two more words then release.

The blood cleared form Ash's eyes long enough to see the girl stir. Pressure on his wrists was released and the ground rushed forward to meet him. Lips whispered unanswered prayers as the stone brought darkness.

Bright red robes swirled into the stone chamber as a young blond was being escorted out. No words were spoken as he looked from fallen man on the floor to two other robed figures. An uneasy silence hung over the room before the newcomer spoke.

"Provided he survives the night, his training is finished. Clean him up. He marches to defend Stormwind tomorrow."

"But Arcanist..." The red robed man stormed out of the room, effectively silencing his sub ordinate's comment.