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Indarae Aurson Forgewright
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Indarae
Faction Alliance
Race Human
Gender Female
Class Warrior
Guild The Stormwind Guard
IC Info
Nicknames Dar
Title Ex-Scarlet, Mouse
Age 20
Height average
Hair Mousey brown
Eyes brown
Skin Slight tan
Alignment Lawful Good

Physical Description[]

Plain, petite, and mousey, probably in her early 20s. She doesn't stand out, but carries a very BIG hammer. She carries a number of religious medallions and several tarnished Scarlet Crusade signets. Her armor is well-maintained and bears the rank insignia of a Sergeant in the Stormwind Guard.


Painfully shy at first, it takes Dar a long time to warm up to anyone.


Dar was born in Stratholme, daughter of a tailor from Dalaran and a native of the city. She escaped when the city fell and joined the Scarlet Crusade, rising in their ranks as a priest of the Light.

After years of study, she was assigned to Commander Saidivh Bedwyr and the battalion in Stormwind, serving alongside Gledriran Sentris and Galatian. When the battalion disbanded, she returned to Hearthglen.

Upon her return, she finally learned of the lies the crusade was founded on. She slowly fell away from her teachers until she was tasked to track down and destroy the members of her old unit who had been "corrupted" and left the order. She found herself unable to kill Gledriran. Instead, she renounced her affiliation and went into hiding, assuming that soon enough, the Crusade would send an assassin after her, too.

Indarae undertook a number of mercenary jobs, then joined up with the Stormwind Guard, seeking for something to belong to. She advanced quickly because of her previous service in the Scarlet Crusade and was appointed Day Watch Sergeant. Recently, she married fellow guardsman Barnabis Forgewright before being posted to Northrend.