OOC Game Stats
Game Name Imrein
Faction Alliance
Race Human
Gender Female
Class Paladin
Guild A Stormwind City Guard
IC Info
Breed Human
Age Approximately 26
Height ??
Build Medium
Hair Black
Skin Borderline Pale
Occupations Guardswoman
Alignment Lawful Neutral

Physical DescriptionEdit

Imrein, while probably not the toughest looking woman in the guard's employ, is admireable. Not muscular, but has honed her body with exercise and training throughout her entire life (and does continually to this day). As a result, her entire body is a very deadly weapon.

Otherwise she's very plain, with nothing noticeably special about her. She's not drop-dead gorgeous, but is pretty in her own right. She spends more time honing her strength rather than her looks.


Imrein tries very hard to devoid herself of emotion, to keep the best rational conclusion to things. This often fails, and succumbs to anger most of the time (As a result, this knocks her down the Paladin alignment scale one or two times). She's not a corrupt guard by any means, but she isn't the most forgiving either.

Imrein has a very long fuse, but it's attached to a very big bomb.

Overall, she does her best to be very cordial. But she prefers to be left alone and patrol the streets, even when off duty.


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