Hukari Hexxen
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Hukari
Faction Horde
Race Troll
Gender Always. Er... male.
Class Shaman
Guild Drunken Monkey Brewery
Professions Herbalism, Alchemy
IC Info
Nicknames "Dr. Hexxen", "Huk", "That Gods-Awful
Peacebloom-Smoking Troll"
Title Witch Doctor
Age 23
Height 8'1"
Hair Gold
Eyes Red
Skin Blue-green
Alignment Chaotic Good

Physical Description

Standing at a towering 8 foot, Hukari gives off the aura of the 'gentle (and insane) giant'. Often smelling both pleasant and repulsive at the same time, due to the curious mix of herbs and shrunken heads dangling from his elaborate purple and gold robes, and often from a large, garish hat. Also carries a crystal staff, and what appears to be a guitar made from a giant fish skeleton, in addition to a raggedy medicine bag.


Hukari, outwardly, seems quite insane. Which, mind you, he is. That, and he's very 'chill'. Also extremely violent if insulted.


Born on the Isle of the Darkspear to the then-insane Warmaster Huk'rai and his mate, Storm Mistress Wa'sho. He grew up the apprentice to Witch Doctor and clan leader, Sen'jin, wherein he slowly grew more insane as he grew older, eventually culminating in going completely insane when murlocs burned down his family home, captured him and his family, imprisoned him, led him to believe that his brother, Zukari, was dead, and eventually freed by Thrall.

After freedom, he pledged his heart and body to the cause of the Horde, marching alongside the Orcs during the Third War. With each death of a comrade, the few remaining pieces of his sanity were shattered, until, at the end of the Third War, with the death of both his parents, he fled to the Echo Isles, living alone as a mad scholar.

However, with the rise of old hatreds and the call of the Horde, Hukari has returned to the mainland again...

... and if you want to know any more then that, go talk to him, you lazy sods! Harumph.

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