Earthen Ring Wiki


If you are reading this, you must be considering adding a story to the Earthen Ring wiki story library. By choosing the wiki, you not only give yourself the option to use the text editing functions provided, but also open the possibility for enhancing your works with pictures and supplemental links. Such things are at your discretion, though.

Making the Story's Page

Before posting on the wiki, make sure that you have an original copy of your story to keep for yourself, such as a text file, a written paper, or somesuch. Do not depend on the wiki as your only copy of the story.

First, create the story page. Remember not to use articles such as "the," "a," or "an" at the start of the page title. For example, the Kelimorien appears as; A Different Type of Companion would appear as,

Posting Your Story

After you have created the page, place your story within the text field. Remember, keep a line of clear space between each paragraph. Make ample use of the "Show preview" button. Make sure that your story looks good, and is readable.

Before saving the page, add two lines to the bottom: [[Category:Stories]] and [[Category:<Your_Name>]]. The name you give at this point shall be the author's name in lists, so be careful! Try to make all of your stories have this same name.

Hit the save button. The page is now created! Send a message to a moderator telling them you have created the page, and give a link to the story/stories. The page will be locked for you, as well as included in the news post.

One last quick step and you are done.

Making Your Works Page

This is something you only need to set up once. This page shall display all works you have written alphabetically, and is used for people to search for stories by author.

Scroll down to the bottom of your newly-posted story. Find the link that says your name. You should see something similar to, "Categories: Stories, <Your Name>." Click on your name and you should be taken to a blank categories page titled with your name. Here, every page that has [[Category:<Your Name>]] at the bottom will be linked, sorted alphabetically by the name of the page. Enter the following into the page.:

This page is a listing of all written works by this author. To find out more about the character, please see [[<Your_Character's_Name_Here>]]


That's it! You're done! You should now be able to search for your story in the Library by title and author.