Earthen Ring Wiki

Guild Leader/Guild Master: Sirithil

Website (temporary forums):
Current Forums:

Contact Person/Method: Mail Sirithil, or Mallesta in game for OOC issues. Otherwise, you are free to approach any of us IC.

Recruiting Status: Active.

RP Newbie-Friendly: Roleplay experience preferred.

Focus/Mindset: Our primary focus is roleplaying. The guild is based on the status of Sirithil Nightstone, Noble Margravine of Lakeshire and Magistrate. We generally work together to further the influence and power of her House and ourselves through various methods. Arcane research, engineering research, gathering information, strength in arms, business and trade, diplomacy and friendship are all areas of importance.

Requirements/Restrictions: Ideally, everyone in the House is paramountly loyal to Sirithil, but of course encouraged to explore their own interests. Regular activity is also important.

Raiding Interest: Most of us are interested in various PvE activities, and we are a proud SASU guild, however, our primary concern is roleplaying.

Other Info: The general alignment of our guild is Good, but the degree of Order and Chaos is dependent upon the individual. Some of us might be concerned with a 'Greater Good' while some are more concerned with more personal Good, such as friendships and loyalties. There are also a few of us who simply like the idea of being employed by a wealthy Noble. Also, we currently have the guild divided into groups you can choose to become part of:

Wardens: Sirithil's personal guard (High Warden: Mallesta Forani)
Redridge Militia
Redridge Special Intelligence (Director of RSI:Mallesta Forani)
Nightstone Council of Magic (Leadership of NCoM is currently under debate)
You can also simply remain a Retainer if you wish or if undecided.