House Emberfall

--by Krelle


"Now then… what were you saying, Miss Krelle?"

Krelle kept a relaxed but polite smile on her face as she tried to size up the Forsaken woman sitting across from her. The little rogue had next to no experience in dealing with nobility - alive or undead - and was more or less winging this interview. "Sorry," she answered. "I was just saying that Kayce had intimated you might be looking for help with a task of some kind. My company provides many services, so I came to see if I could offer any of them to you."

And there was the tricky part. Aside from "has money" and "offers job," Kayce had known little about the woman or what she wanted. Krelle wasn't even sure if this lady knew what she was dealing with. She still remembered the time in Orgrimmar when someone had hired her for a simple shipping job. She'd smuggled the goods anyway and kept the money for the import duties, but…

The Lady Lilithia Emberfall placed her hands on the table, folding her claws into a steeple. "You did not receive the letter?"

Aw fel, what letter... "I'm sorry, I haven't received a letter from anyone recently. Did you send it to me directly?" she asked with a concerned frown. She was trying to use big words. The Lady had started the interview with "Let us sit. I dislike informal settings," and Krelle was trying to take her cues from that.

"That is unfortunate," Lady Emberfall was saying. "Your organization should have received the paperwork this morning."

Then why didn't someone tell me so on the com? "Ah. I regret that I haven't been in the office yet today. No doubt I'll get it when I head back," she offered.

Lilithia fixed an expressionless gaze on Krelle. The smaller Forsaken returned her best pokerface. Both wore masks over their eyes.

"No matter," the Lady said. "I shall discuss it here."

"Whatever you like," Krelle replied.

"There is a set of documents in Kirin Tor custody that I wish to have returned to my rightful hands." Krelle nodded thoughtfully as Lilithia drummed the tips of her claws on the table. "The Krin Tor have been less than receptive to my requests for them."

Krelle frowned, as though it was pretty rude of the mages to refuse the Lady's request. She stayed quiet as Lilithia continued.

"They have also made quite clear during my visits to Dalaran that they do not recognize my rights to the documents due to my postmortem condition."

Krelle cautiously raised an eyebrow. "That's rather shoddy logic on their part."

"Well we know the politics game, do we not?" the Lady asked, though her question, and smile, were directed at another well-dressed Forsaken, Bereave. "This city is rather full of it, is it not my dear?"

Bereave snickered quietly. "Indeed."

Krelle kept her mouth shut. She agreed with the Lady - Silvermoon was almost pure politics - but she got the vibe that answering questions asked of others was one of those things nobles frowned on. She waited.

Lilithia smiled briefly at her companion then turned back to Krelle, her tone once again serious. "I do not believe I need to tell you the situation of Dalaran and the difficulties that poses."

No, I'm pretty familiar with the giant purple dome of impenetrable force around Dalaran. Hard ta miss it, really. "No, I can see the problem. That makes it an interesting endeavour… but not impossible," she said thoughtfully. Alone, she wouldn't take on an ridiculous job like this. Phealea was back, however, and that changed things entirely.

Arbatel had been standing silently behind her, scanning the inn for trouble, but now he bent slightly and whispered low in her ear. "I know a way to get through the shield - if only for a short time."

Krelle hid her surprise, nodding at him absently as though it was a routine report. There's a way through that thing? Huh. "Later," she whispered back without moving her lips, keeping her attention on the Lady.

"Interesting indeed. While I am quite eager to negotiate with them, there are certain pressures that could complicate matters."


"Mmm. Therefore, I am seeking a capable third-party. I know Grey Tiger Shipping has a history of excellent negotiator service, and your intermediaries have stepped in for past troubles."

The problem with nobles and their hoity-toity way of talking is that there was a distinct lack of nudging and winking. Careful, here. "There are many ways to get a job done. I'll need to be sure I understand your priorities in this matter, so we don't offend anyone you don't want offended," she offered.

"If the job is not possible and you must decline, I completely understand…"

Krelle shook her head. "Retrieving documents is not impossible - depending on conditions you would want to set." If you want it done legally, for example, it's impossible.

Lady Emberfall seemed to notice that her companion's cup was running empty just then and solicitously took up the wine bottle, offering to pour her more. Krelle helped herself to a date as Bereave politely thanked the Lady.

"The parameters are simple," the woman said as she poured the wine. She set the bottle down on the table when she had finished, looking to the little rogue. "Get me the bloody documents."

Krelle let a small grin creep onto her lips. "Then it's possible."

"Very good. Of course, it is understood that I am not capable of providing direct support, either by resources, moral or… otherwise. At least, not during the venture."

"Of course," Krelle agreed easily, her mind balking at ever taking a lady like this on a job. "The only kind of support we usually require for retrievals - or negotiations - is pecuniary." She was rather proud of that word. She so seldom got to stretch the vocabulary she'd picked up over the years.

"That will not be a problem. You shall be reimbursed after the negotiations."

Krelle nodded, relaxing slightly now that they were on more familiar turf. "Cash on delivery works fine, though I'd be curious as to how much you'd consider such a venture worth."

"Well, there shall be the immediate compensation, of course: a rate you may find standard, though… inflated for post-Outland expeditions. Furthermore, there shall be the prestige of first-selection for further business partnerships.

Krelle let her interest show, her eyebrows twitching at the last bit. Lilithia grinned behind her glass.

"I assume the details of the documents you need back are in the letter you wrote? Or will you be providing them later?"

The woman shook her head. "You already have them at the fishmonger's," she said, lowering her empty glass to the table with a barely-audible clink.

Krelle took that as a cue to wrap this up. "Alright then. I'll take a look at the paperwork you've sent over. I'm confident the company can handle this for you."

"Very good. I am sure your organization is very, very busy. Therefore, please keep in mind that I am busy as well, and provide special considerations when my orders are expedited."

Oooh, a bonus. "Busy times," she said, nodding seriously. "I'll see what I can do." She set down her own empty glass. "Will you be staying in town, or shall I contact you elsewhere?"

"I have taken to calling this city my new home. Really, the Undercity is just too… drab for me."

Krelle wasn't sure what she ought to say to that, but Lilithia was smirking at her, so she felt she had to answer. She looked about herself. "I suppose so. I find it as gaudy here as the 'City is bleak."

"But better gaudy than dirty."

Krelle nodded politely, backing away from a possible disagreement. The Lady smiled triumphantly, so she was pretty sure that "backing off" was the way to go with this one. "As you say. Was there anything else, or shall I leave you to your evening?"

"Well, unless you wish to try the table wine, I believe we should have everything in order. Are there any other immediate questions?"

"No, Lady Emberfall, I'm sure I'll get what I need from your letter," she said as she rose. She gave a polite half-bow to the Lady and another to her friend. The nobles nodded graciously and Krelle turned away, jerking her head for Arbatel to follow.

She made her way back to the jewelery shop in silence, wondering how much the "standard rate" was for "retrieving" valuable documents from enchanted, impregnable fortresses. Probably pretty high.

"So how do you plan going about this?" Arbatel asked as they made their way through the bazaar.

"Inside, my good orc, inside. The brooms have ears in Silvermoon," she answered lightly, weaving her way through the crowd.

"… I hate this city," the orc muttered softly.

Booty BayEdit

Krelle greeted her room-mate with a smile and wave as the mage came into the Booty Bay offices. She and Tai were celebrating the latest acquisition - Litto - over a bottle of port as Phealea entered.

"Hey Krelle, Tai. Did you guys finish your meeting?"

"Pretty much," Krelle nodded. "We're at the drinking-afterwards part."

Tai grinned and poured a glass for Phealea. "Litto has been accepted as a Claw."

"Ah, I'll have to congratulate him next time I see him," she said as she joined them at the table, accepting the glass with a nod of thanks at Tai.

"Getting him was a good deal," Krelle agreed. She pushed her glass away a bit and sat up straighter. "Actually, Phea, I'm glad ta see you. I gotta talk to you about the mage job."

"I got your note. So what is the scoop on this job?"

"It's quite the scoop."

"Which job we talking about?" Tai asked curiously, his own glass momentarily forgotten.

The little forsaken grinned at him. "The job for Lady Emberfall - the one in Dalaran."

Phealea nodded, folding her hands on the table. "So whats the play?"

"The play is yours to call," Krelle answered. "I need your contacts in the dome-town. This lady wants three documents retrieved from there. Now, they aren't super important to anyone but her, so I doubt they'd be under secure lock and key or anything. But just the fact that their in Dalaran makes 'em kinda hard ta get to."

"And the names of the papers in question?"

Krelle spoke from memory. "The deeds to the Emberfall estate and related holdings, the registry papers for the House of Emberfall, and the last living will and testament of Coranasus Emberfall. I assume he was her old man."

"Things of that nature are usually kept in the Hall of Records," Phealea mused.

Krelle shrugged. "Could be. She's willing to pay good money for those, as well as give us first hack at future contracts if we pull this off. And if the word on the street is right, she's an up and coming mover in the nobility, so might not be a bad source to cultivate. She doesn't care how we get em either, just so long as we do. No conditions. I told her we could," she continued, grinning at her friend. "Was I wrong?" Phealea just grinned back at her. Krelle felt a bit of tension she hadn't known she was carrying dissolve away.

"You running any risks going after these, Phea?" Tai asked cautiously. Phealea's connections had allowed her to organize a somewhat clandestine arms deal with some of the weapon makers of Dalaran. It would be bad business to sacrifice one deal - an ongoing, profitable one - for the sake of another.

Phealea shook her head at Tai. "I don't think so. If a certain someone I know is still working in the Hall then I say we have pretty good odds."

Tai 'hmmed' thoughtfully. Gotta figure that this undead woman doesn't have a whole lot of other options, too…" he speculated.

Krelle gave him a wicked little grin. "Yeah. I think she'll vonlunteer some good gold. The 'standard rate' for stealing out of a magically enchanted, fortified place is pretty high." Tai smirked at her.

Phealea was still musing about how to best go about it. "If I can get my hands on the papers I can copy them, then pass the forgery back to the clerk. If we keep the real ones tucked away for a bit then when she does make her claim, enough time should have passed so that no one would associate the documents with me."

Krelle nodded slowly at the mage, thoughts of gold pushed aside as she turned her mind back to the job. "Wouldn't it look odd though, if you asked to see the documents for another house? I don't think Emberfall is associated with Spellfire, much."

Phealea crossed her arms and wrinkled her nose. "Hmm. Possibly. But if I had a good enough excuse no one would bat an eyelash."

The three of them sat for a moment, thinking the problem over. Tai spoke first. "What if ... you were pretending to be looking into buying the land?"

Krelle nodded slowly. "Not bad, but it would be pretty memorable, still."

"I would need the Kirin Tor's permission anyway to even think about buying another noble's lands," Phealea added.

"I'd rather find a reason that had you looking at lots and lots of papers," Krelle mused, tapping her fingernails on the table. "If you only look at those three documents, someone might remember that, when they go missing later. If they were just three out of a hundred or something, no one would make the connection."

"A hundred papers?.... hmm.. Wait! How about a research paper?"

Krelle looked at her friend blankly as Tai nodded at the idea. "What's a research paper?" she asked.

"You know, like a treatise," Phea said, gesturing vaguely with one hand.

"A what?"

"Umm... its like a document written in an area of study to help synthesize knowledge about a particular subject. Like if I wanted to help explain various theories or practices.

"Oh.. like a manual?"

"Umm, yeah I guess that is one way to put it," she agreed. The mage noticed Tai hiding a grin and made a little face at him.

"Oh," Krelle said thoughtfully, ignoring the humans. She paused as she considered the idea. "Ok. So like that manuscript on portal frequenices. Sorta... summarizin' stuff about stuff. But are you sure that would work? I mean, portal frequencies are important. Would anyone really write a summary of .. noble house's stuff? That seems kinda boring."

Phealea gave Krelle a knowing grin. "To you, maybe, but there are plenty of scholars and historians who love that kind of thing. Plus it would bee a good reason to drag out a ton of papers."

The little rogue shrugged, giving in. People will write about anything. "So would you actually write one?"

"Of course I would," she answered, sounding indignant. "Only way to make the lie seem like the truth."

"Well... that sounds like a pretty painless way to steal from the dome."

"Isn't painless the goal?"

"I'd say so!" It certainly beat the idea of using arcane spells to push through the dome, or hiding under a cart. Getting a clerk to go and find the documents had a great deal of elegance to it. "When can you pull this off? The lady's antsy, she'll pay more if we work fast."

Phealea sighed. "I can travel with my next shipment. Give my father the spiel that I am planning on writing a paper to add to the libraries of Spellfire. Go to the hall and begin the job. May take me a few days to continue the ruse and get the materials I need."

"That'd be fine," Krelle said, pleased "I knew I could count on you, Phea."

Phealea frowned. "You will owe me for this one if I have to deal with Dolgan."

"Who's Dolgan?" Tai asked with a frown as Krelle raised an inquiring eyebrow.

Phealea grumbled under her breath for a moment, then answered them. "Last I know, he was a clerk at the Hall of Records... and my potential suitor."

"Suitor? What, like, he wants to marry you?" Krelle asked.

Phealea sighed again: "Unforunately."

Tai chuckled but Krelle just shrugged it off. "Just smile at him like you miss him then tell him you "need your space". That's what Myrr does. It makes the boys all confused, and they go away."

"Feh, I know how to shrug him off," Phealea said, leaning back in her chair. "It's just... having to do it is the issue. All I have to do is put on the game face and he can be like putty. Trying to get rid seems to turn him into glue. Then I have to give him a spiel about how 'I am not ready' and 'My studies abroad must continue'…"

Tai 'tsked' sympathetically, but Krelle was frowning thoughtfully. "Do you uh, ever plan on marrying him?"

"Of course not, but I can't say that."

"Why not?"

"Family obligation. My father would have a fit. As long as the lie stands the two families remain friendly. If I break off the deal then things will go sour. So until I can find a way to ruin House Stormweather I remain stuck."

"Well if you ever want Dolgan whacked, you know where to come," Krelle offered in a comforting tone. Tai laughed and reached for his drink.

"Killing Dolgan, eh?" Phealea mused, smiling slightly at the thought.

"Sure! Fel, go ahead and marry him, then go away for a trip after. We'll off him on your wedding night! Just get him out of the dome, and he'll be a tragic accident in the history of his house," Krelle promised. "It's the least I can do - I still owe you for 'Lu!"

Phealea frowned. "I saved Lula because I had to. I owed her big time."

The little forsaken shrugged easily, patting Phealea on the knee. "I know, I'm just sayin."

Phealea relaxed a bit, then gave her friend a smile. "Thanks. I will keep the offer in mind."


The handsome young man sighed a long, wistful sigh as he stared out of the window. He would have liked to be staring at stars - staring up at the stars at night seemed like a terribly romantic thing to do - but the shimmering glow of the dome blocked them from sight. He settled for staring out at the city's lights.

"Come off it, Dolgan," his friend Larius insisted from the doorway. "The lads are goin' out tonight, it's Marko's birthday. You comin' or not?"

"I wonder if she's thinking about me right now, Lar…" Dolgan said, sighing again.

"I dunno what you see in that girl," Larius grouched as he entered the spartan room. "You're wasting your time with her. Talk to your father, get him to -"

"You don't understand! She's perfect, Lar!" he objected even as Larius grabbed his arm and hauled him to his feet. "She is -ow - like the sun - glorious and shining! She's like the moon -"

"The only one mooning around here is you," Larius grumbled, pulling his friend towards the door. "Now shut up about her for an hour, would you? Tonight's about Marko, not your missing finacee."

"I can't help it, Lar! You don't understand what it's like…"

"By the light, we gotta get you laid."

The door closed behind them, and the clerk's room was silent again.

Dalaran Edit

Phealea sat in one of the carts that traveled to the large dome-city for her bi-weekly shipments. She wore her old purple and gold robes with the Eye of Dalaran resting in the center of her chest. On her shoulder was a etched symbol of a prismatic flame. Her hair no longer carried the blue streaks she liked so much, her hair was back to its original color of jet-black. All but two of her peircings had be removed. She was once again the person she left behind five years ago. Daniel sat next to her with the logbook in hand.

The cart came to swift stop at the northern side of the barrier and a small portal formed. The guards came out for their inspections. They looked over all but one cart as per the standard orders they were given. They gave Phealea a polite bow as she hopped down from the cart and then they returned to their business. Phealea walked to the front of the caravan to meet with the captain. The captian offered her a polite bow and she nodded her head in acceptance.

"Afternoon Captain. Is my sister, Minister Sarina Spellfire, here today or is she out on business?" Phealea said as she placed a hand on her hip. A look of impatient formed on her face.

"No milady. Minister Spellfire is busy at the moment in a meeting I am afraid and could not greet you this time." The captain explained.

Phealea nodded her head. "Very well captian. I will be entering the city this time. I have business to attend to, both family and private. Also when your men unload the contents of the caravans do be careful." She ordered as she turned to Daniel. "Mr. Boden, please make sure all affiars are handled in the proper order."

Daniel smiled and gave his boss a swift nod and turned to take care of business. Phealea smiled inwardly and knew Daniel would do his best, considering the raise she gave him. Phealea then turned and walked inside the barrier.

The frost mage stood on a well cobbled street of Dalaran and looked about the domed city. Much of the city had returned to its former glory, just the four famous Dalaran Guard Towers were still being contructed. Phealea mused about all the wards and special matierals were needed for the towers. She then began to make her way through the streets to the older districts of the mage city. She offered polite smiles to some of the passing nobles she saw who returned them once they recognized the symbol on her shoulder. It was not long before she found herself stopped outside the gates of a large house. She grimaced a bit as she looked at the house.

"So the Ice Princess returns to her castle." A sacarstic and familiar voice chided from behind her.

Phealea sighed and smirked slightly as she turned. "And here I thought you were at a meeting Rin."

"Yeah well, one can only deal with the backwater sailors of Kul Tiras. Only good one I have meet is Archmage Proudmoore." Sarina said with a shrug. "So, what brings you back to House Spellfire? I figured you would avoid this place until father died."

"Business, you know how it goes. My studies bring me back here. Only place in both worlds were I can continue my works."

"Really? Well that is something. Finally can't find everything you need on the outside, huh? Oh, by the way, I wanted to see about increasing the amount of supplies you are bring up here. Particularly those crystals, because those things are seem to have very interesting properties that the Kirin Tor wishes to explore."

"Oh? I bet that gave the House a bit more recognition. Father must have been pleased. Though, we can take shop later. I will be here for a few days and I would like a bit of rest before I start my project."

"What project would that be anyway?"

"A treatise on the old Houses. You see, I want to form a pattern of why those houses fell or became defunct. That way people can look at the mistakes from the past and hopefully not repeat them." Phealea explained with a neutral expression on her face.

"Hmm, well that certainly seems like a historian thing to do. Though I happen to know my sister better than most. Now call me crazy Phea, but you don't do anything unless there is something for you. So what is the play this time?" Sarina asked with a familiar cocky smile on her face.

"Well once again the errant daughter returns and turns in a treatise that makes House Spellfire look good to the old wizards. Father is happy and gets a bit more of a voice. You get a bit more power and your chances of touching base with the Kirin Tor become greater. That means more contracts could fall right into my laps. House Spellfire is happy and so are all it's members. You get political power and I get coin. What can I say, I like to boost my own odds." Phea replied with a smirk of her own.

Sarina accepted that answer and rested a hand on Phealea's shoulder. The two sisters walked through the gates and disappeared into the large doors of Spellfire Hall.

Spellfire Hall Edit

Phealea and Sarina walked through the doors of Spellfire Hall and into the main hall. Sarina smiled and walked to the center of the hall were a prismatic flame rested on top of a pedestal. The flame flicked back and forth between a a rainbow varied of colors. Sarina placed her hand in the center of the flame and the fire settled upon a purplish color. A soft chime rang through the hall and then she walked past the flame. Phealea sighed and walked up to the pedestal and placed her own hand into the fire. The flame became a icy blue color that filled the mage with a sense of comfort. Again a chime rang through the hall and Phealea felt the old magic pulse within her, Spellfire Hall's magic wards would no longer impede her.

"Been a long time since you done that, huh Phea?" Sarina said with a teasing grin.

"Yeah yeah. Now it's game time." Phea said as she took a deep breath.

The two sisters walked to their father's study. The door to the study was made of a dark wood and had no door handles. Small runes were etched around the outside of the door, each pulsing with arcane power. Sarina raised her hand to the door and soon the door would gently slid open. Inside lay a large room with bookcases covering the walls. A large desk sat in the center with several large tomes gracing its surface. Azriim Spellfire sat at his desk with a small book in his hand. His hair was raven colored, all but the hair on the sides of his head which had become frosted with age. A small set of reading glasses rested on the tp of his nose. He wore the ornate violet and purple robes of the Kirin Tor. His expression remained netural as he looked up at the two girls.

"Ah, dearest Sarina, good to hear your business with the Kul Tiras ambassador went well." Azriim said as he set down his book.

Sarina simply bowed slightly to her father. Azriim then turned his full attention to his errant daughter. He offered her a small smile. "And my lost child seems to have found her way back. What is the pleasure of this visit or have you finally tired of the dangerous and backwards ways of outside world?"

Phealea smiled sweetly and placed her hands behind her. When she spoke her voice was as light and cheery. "It is good to see you and hear your voice again daddy! I hope I did not worry you too much in my travels. Though I am afraid that there is still much work that I must complete outside of Dalaran, daddy. Supplies must be shipped to help this city grow, I am merely doing my duty to my beloved homeland."

"Of course, of course my dearest Phealea. Though a father must worry about his now youngest daughter. Why can't you be more like your sister and stay here? I could arrange for a job as a clerk in the Hall of Records, you know. From there and with all the good words your loving sister has graced you with to the council you would be a shoe win for a Minister position. Plus working in the Hall would give you and Dolgan more of a chance to see each other. That boy does miss you so." He said as he rested his hands upon his desk

"Oh, as much as I would oh so love that daddy, I must decline. My duty outside the city is very important to me and the city. What I do brings glory to House Spellfire. As for my return to the city is I seek to bring more glory to our House daddy. You see I have began study on the istory of Dalaran and its old noble houses. I wish to compare the houses of old with the current modern houses. Upon completion of this paper I seek to point how the flaws and mistakes the houses of old made before their fall and develop a basic pattern of why." Phealea explained.

"Ah, you do know Dolgan's father is a fan of history, dearest Phealea. Doran Stormweather is also a member of the Kirin Tor and will most likely favor you even more should you complete this project of you. It is good that you have grown up to be the wizard I so wished you would be, despite your natural talent with frost rather than the more noble schools. You have my permission to access the documents that you need from the Hall of Records and you have my blessing to personally present this paper to the Kirin Tor. You will make Dolgan a fine bride and maybe you could pass some of your natural talent to the boy. He still has not attained the rank of Archmage." Azriim said with a charming smile.

Phealea forced herself to smile sweetly. "Thank you for such praise daddy! I only hope I will continue to be a sparkle in your eye."

"But now I am sure you are tired. Your room is just how it was when you left it. Should you require anything a servant will be pleased to serve you. Oh, and the council has agreed to make your promotion offical after your sister's claims, Archmage Phealea Spellfire. Now, I will send word to the Hall that you will be coming with my blessing and you are to get what you require. You both are dismissed, as I have important research to finish."

Phealea walked over to her father and gave him a small kiss on the cheek and then walked out of the room with Sarina. Once the door shut behind them Sarina began to giggle. Phealea frowned and rolled her eyes.

"Shut your mouth, Rin. I don't want to hear it." Phealea said with her voice back to its normal tone.

Sarina just laughed a bit harder. Phealea scowled at her sister and then walked off to her old room. She placed her hand on the door and it gently swung open. She smiled as an artic wind blew past her. She stepped inside the her room and looked at the frost that graced her old furniture.

"Hmm, a warm twenty degrees. At least he remembered that." She said with a smirk as she went to lay down. She had a long few days ahead of her.

The Archives Edit

After a few hours of making some small adjustments to her comm, she placed it back in her ear and grabbed her satchel. She quickly changed out of her robes and dressed in a more casual white silk blouse and long white silk skirt. She made her way out of Spellfire Hall and once again hit the cobbled pathway. She clicked her comm on and turned the dial to speak to Krelle.

"Hey roomie, Phea here. Everything is going as planned thus far. I am inside and I got permission to access the Hall of Records. I will give you an update as the news comes."

She sighed and hoped her adjustments where enough to push past the magical interference. She figured it may take longer than usual to get through if it does at all. She raised her shoulders lightly in a shrug as she continued on her way.

After a good long walk Phea found herself standing in front of a large government building. The walls where made of a smooth white stone and windows dotted its outside. Phealea took a deep breath to steele herself and then walked inside. The doors swung open before her and she looked about the large main hall of the Hall of Records. Bookshelfs and cases formed the aisles of the Hall and tables and chairs where scattered about. She turned her attention to the main desk and she winced as she saw the clerk on duty. She tightened the grip she had on her satchel and sighed slightly. I guess its time to take a bit of Tai's advice, she thought as she undid the first two buttons on her blouse. Use what you have.

With that she made her way to the desk and leaned on the desk a bit as she peered at the clerk. When the clerk looked up she smiled sweetly at him. "Afternoon there Dolgan. Did you get the message my daddy sent before my arrival?"

Dolgan had, in fact, received the message. He'd been so excited that she was coming that he had run around tidying madly for an hour. Then he'd had an asthma attack and had to lie down for a bit. Only, he couldn't rest because he was afraid that Phealea would come while he was away from the desk. The worry that he'd miss her had given him an anxiety attack, and he'd thrown up on his shoes.

He was all cleaned up now though! He was sitting all neat and tidy and very professional looking, he thought, and was studiously studying something when someone walked in to the library. He caught a glimpse of white out of the corner of his eye and dismissed it as just another researcher. Phealea always wore blue. Whoever it was paused in the doorway, then came right up to the desk. Dolgan looked up in irritation, then nearly swallowed his tongue.

"Afternoon there Dolgan. Did you get the message my daddy sent before my arrival?" she said, leaning over the counter as she curiously peered at what he'd been working on. He felt his face flush. He could see.. her buttons weren't...

Dolgan wrenched his eyes upwards with the willpower only a mage was capable of exerting. "Why yes, Phealea, I did. Or should I say Archmage Spellfire?" he asked with a teasing grin. He was embarassed that she'd made it to archmage status before him, even though he was older by five years. He'd fretted whether or not to even mention it, but decided that bringing it up right away would show he wasn't worried by it.

Phealea made a "pshh" sound. "Just a title," she dismissed it, and he felt relieved. He was so afraid she'd think less of him.

"Congratulations all the same," he said, trying to keep his mind off of lacey things. He stood, brushing off his robes and came around the desk. He paused awkwardly though. Last time he'd tried to greet his fiancee in what he thought was a normal way she'd gotten... upset.

Phealea just smiled at him though, and took his arm, turning him towards the stacks. Dolgan almost held his breath, afraid to mess things up as they walked arm and arm through the tall shelves of scrolls and books.

"Then daddy must have mentioned that I was going to be doing a research paper?" she asked him, looking up with a smile. He nodded dumbly. The halls between the stacks were narrow and she had pressed up against his arm... with the.. he could feel her... on his arm!

"Uh... yeah. I mean, yes of course - about the fallen houses, wasn't it?" he managed.

"Yes. Could you help me look up the documents I'll need?"

Phealea was asking him for help! And it was something he could do!

"Of course!" he exclaimed. "I happened to have a bit of spare time this morning after your father's message arrived and I just, offhand, you know, wrote up a list of the houses that might concern you the most, as well as pulled out a few of the older treaties that have been written on the subject..."

Dolgan babbled on happily, leading Phealea towards the archives of the "retired" noble house documents.

Limduul Edit

" Touch."

There was a momentary pause ere the strange man's eyes began to glow an infernal shade of green, quickly bursting into flame, smoke literally pouring from the ears as what had been a brain was reduced to cinder. The body did not flinch, nor scream, nore make any movement, other than to collapse as the flames extinguished, falling as though it were a puppet with it's strings cut.

Which in point of fact, was the case.

The Tong's latest "customer" quickly strode from the enclosure they had hosted their meeting in, his skull tipped staff tapping in time with his footsteps. Men, orcs, goblins and urchins all scurried out of the one eyed warlocks path, his remaining orb seeming to burn into their very souls with its gaze. In his wake, several took to more intentional scurrying, rushing to pass on to waiting ears what had been seen and heard.

The source of this gossip's only achknowledgement of this fact lay in a slight raising of lips, an obsidian like face briefly proving it was more then stone. The owner marched on, softly humming a tune not heard since the death of a place called Andorhal.

After many twists and turns amidst the shacks of booty bay, he reached the wyvern roost, speaking a single word to the flight master. "Undercity."

Tirisfal... The earth was still soft. To some degree he was thank ful of that. It made the shovel strokes more deep, easier to

Lift, and go...

Lift, and go.

The monotony broken only by the sound of crumbling earth, and finally a dull impact as metal rang on rotted wood. A creaking noise as the decrepit prison tried desperately to keep it's prisoner where he'd been put so long ago.

Moonlight finally reached down to the decayed form, little more then withered rags covering it, for a shroud. An ever burning orb glowed a little brighter to take in the owner's latest aquisition. The stone of a face, shifting to give sound to the wind.

"Wake up Jon, there's Tyranny afoot. And we both know how you feel about that."

A message Edit


We will have the delivery for you in a few days. A matter of some urgency has arisen, however, and I would be honoured to meet with you at your earliest convenience.


Silvermoon Edit

The small forsaken slipped into the Silvermoon inn unnoticed. She spotted Lady Emberfall easily - she was wearing a long silk gown in dark violet, cut in the latest fashion - and made her way over. The Lady was lounging idly by the serving counter, watching with amusement as a couple of younger elves had a noisy marital spat off in one corner. Krelle coughed politely as she came up beside the woman.

Lilithia turned, giving her a nod. Krelle bowed politely. "Lady. Thank you for your time - do you have a moment now?"

"I do," she replied, a faintly amused smile on her lips. Krelle wondered if she was laying on the polite thing too thick, but Sannia had said it was pretty much impossible to be too polite to a noble. "If you care to know," the Lady continued, "it took me half an hour to select what to wear. I knew you were coming but I could not decide what would be proper," she finished with a little smirk.

Krelle was, again, completely nonplussed. Is this some kind of subtle something? Whatever. She looked down at her battle leathers, her dagger and shortsword belted at her hips. "You've outdone me, certainly. Please excuse the rough clothes - I've got some things to do tonight," she said with a vague wave.

"You appear as you should, and I as myself."

Why do I always feel like she's messing with me? Krelle wondered. Because she is, part of her answered. She smiled at the Lady. "Care to sit?"

Lilithia shrugged. "I suppose so."

The two went to a private table in a curtained-of alcove. Krelle looked up as an elf entered after them, but relaxed. It was that girl who'd been there last time. "Lady Bereave, I believe?" she greeted her with a nod.

Bereave gave her a friendly wave, then smiled at Lilithia. The older forsaken smiled back. "Ah, I was afraid my guardian was not going to arrive in time," she teased Bereave. The elf chuckled and took a seat beside her Lady.

Emberfall turned to Krelle as the smile slid off of her face. She tapped her claws on the table in a quiet staccato.

Krelle nodded and pulled a sheet of parchment from an inner pocket. The sheet had been folded in four and was slightly wrinkled by its journey in her vest. "We had an interesting visit down at the offices yesterday, by a man who didn't want our retrieval for you to go through. I assume he's some rival or something, but none of us recognized him. I was hoping you'd be able to tell us what we're up against."

Lilithia sneered at the mention of a rival. "Well? Describe him."

Krelle slide the paper over to her. "That's a sketch."

Lady Emberfall carefully picked up the paper in her claws, unfolding it as Bereave peered over curiously. Her claws tightened as she isntantly recognized the sketch, shredding through the parchment's edges. The paper fluttered down to the table between her hands, the hard, one-eyed face staring up at them.

Krelle watched quietly. Lilithia carefully turned the paper over, then delicately placed her palms against the table. "And we should worry about this, why?" she asked with a plastic smile.

"I ah.. gather you recognize him? If you say he's no threat, I'll leave here relieved, Lady, but a man who walks into our office and threatens us is either very strong, or very stupid. We like to know what we're up against."

Lilithia turned to Bereave, placing a claw to her lips and kissing it, pointed to an adjacent room with the same finger, then tapped her ear. She looked back to Krelle with the same fake smile. "That really depends. To what degree was said threat?"

Krelle frowned thoughtfully. "He said that he wanted the delivery to fail, that he'd reward us with a permanent back door to Dalaran if we helped him, and that it 'wasn't a request.' He made no specific threates - he just gave the impression that he didn't have to."

"Really now? Well, while I would not suggest taking his offer due to his rather dubious history, I would not suggest crossing him, either. It appears that we must find a solution."

"Hmm. We told him we'd 'think it over.' We could give him forgeries of the documents without too much trouble, but if you claim to have the originals then he'll know one of us is lying."

Lilithia's hand wandered to a small pouch sewn into her dress as she thought. "Once I have the documents he will have no use to go out of his way to harm you. No... he has more business to attend to than that. I suspect your company is merely a step on his path, not a course he wishes to follow through with." She picked up the sketch again, her nails ripping holes in the parchment.

"Bluffing, eh?" Krelle mused, tapping her chin thoughtfully. "Still - if he comes back with a chip on his shoulder..."

"If your involvement ends in success then he will be busy elsewhere."

"Thwarting the next step of your plan, I assumme," Krelle said with a hint of a smile.

"Precisely. No offense, but he likely does not regulaly think of the Grey Tigers."

And yet - there he was in the 'Bay. "Still, if he comes back - I'd like to know who he is and what he'd throw at us. He looked like a mage - is he?"

"There are worse things. A fel practitioner and an inventor."

Why do I even ask anymore. Fel. She's probably a warlock too. "A warlock. Right. That makes sense," she answered, trying to keep the bitter irony out of her voice. Just once she'd like to be threatened by some shmuck with a sword, just so she could stab him and move on. Magic had a way of complicating things.

Lilithia brought both hands to the parchment and slowly, deliberately, started shredding it to pieces. The bits of paper fell neatly into the empty plate set before her.

"So. Stall him and do your job. I will make sure he pays you no more attention beyond your duty."

Ah, and that's what I wanted to hear. "We'd appreciate that," she said matter-of-factly. "It's only a matter of days until you get them, anyway. We'll just put him off until you have them."

Lilithia tore a small piece of fish from the platter in the center of the table and laid it atop the small pile of shredded parchment. "Yes. And then I shall take care of the situation, beyond."

"Alright. Fair deal."

Lilithia snapped her fingers at the plate and the fish burst into flame, charring the parchment below it into unrecognizability. "Good."

Yup. Warlock. "I almost feel sorry for him," Krelle half-joked, nodding at the paper. "What was his name..?"

"He was Limduul," she said. She leaned forward slightly and blew the ashes of the parchment across the table. "Nothing more."

Bereave brushed some of the floating white specks away from her, wrinkling her nose a bit.

Krelle took her cue and slid off the edge of her chair, standing beside it. "As you say, Lady. Thank you for handling this." And please believe we'll hold you to that promise. "Is there anything I can do for you tonight? Or shall I make my way out?"

"You may take your leave."

Krelle gave the two ladies a polite bow. "Shadows keep you both."

"Do well," Lady Emberfall repiled. Bereave just nodded.

Krelle stepped out of the booth - and into the shadows.

"I will kill him if I get the chance," Lilithia muttered.

"Should I even ask?" Bereave said.

"Not really.... no. We, as Forsaken, speak little of those who are dead."

"Whatever you say," the elf answered with an audible grin.

"How have you been, dear?"

Krelle moved away quietly, slipping out of the inn as unobtrusively as she'd entered.

Booty Bay Edit

Krelle frowned at the note from Litto. Seems like the 'lock was hangin' round the Bay, and wanted an answer - but hadn't bothered to come in to the offices. Fine.

Krelle went to find a scrap of paper and a pencil.

Jerr stared uneasily at the strange man. He glanced at the paper in his hand, then back at the forsaken in the streets. That had to be him. Only... Lucky hadn't said anything about him being so spooky looking.

He briefly considered heading back to the fishmongers, but the thought of handing the paper - and the five silver - back to Lucky made him pause. An' what'll I tell 'er? That I was too chicken ta even say hi? Jerr didn't want Lucky to think he was yellow. She gave him first crack at all the important messenger jobs. She'd said he was reliable! There wasn't much Jerr had in this world to be proud of, but he could be proud of that.

The young orc boy slipped into the streets after the one-eyed forsaken, slowly closing the gap between them. He saw how the crowds parted for this guy, like he was glowering a hole right through them. He swallowed hard, summoning up his courage. I can't give the money back. I already told Reona we'd eat fresh meat tonight.

"Mister?" His voice sounded loud in his ears.

The warlock stopped, then slowly, slowly turned to face the little orc. He looked down at him with a frown.

Jerr held out the note mutely, trying not to let his hands shake.

Limduul looked the boy over, then deliberately reached for the paper.

The second his hand closed on the note Jerr turned and fled, cutting the first corner he came to so he'd be out of sight. He took a hard left, jumped down a level and doubled back, heading for the fishmonger's. It'd been less than an hour! He'd get that bonus! Maybe he'd buy a new knife...

Limduul watched impassively as the little orc fled. He looked down at the scrap of paper in his hand, and unfolded it.

You got yourself a deal. But it had better be a really nice door.

Krelle frowned as she tuned her com to the frequency Phealea said to use while she was in Dalaran. This damn thing had better work.

"Phealea, you there?"

Krelle waited a moment, but nothing. Maybe Phealea was busy talking to someone?

"Phealea. Hurry it up in there. I'm expecting trouble from a crazy warlock, and I need you out, back home, with the documents."

Krelle sighed at the continued silence and left her com on the narrow band in case Phea could answer soon. She'd try again in an hour.


Phealea had basically lived within the walls of the Hall of Records the last few days. Dolgan had done a decent job of compiling, he had even placed the Emberfall documents in the pile. Phealea had smiled inwardly while her face remained neutral. She asked for a few other long dead houses just for her own studies and proceeded with her task. The majority of the time she spent to herself where she could work in peace. With the large stack of documents before her she had her work cut out for her.

She made two piles out of the documents. The first pile contained the information she had not looked at, while the second claimed the information she had already take her notes on. The Emberfall documents where always kept in the second pile. Phea would slide out a few pages of the documents and when she was assured she was alone she would forge a few pages at a time and trade out the forgeries with the real documents. She would casually slide the real things into a pocket in her notebook, behind a myriad of real and fake notes. Everything was going rather smoothly, everything except a particularly annoying clerk.

Everyday Dolgan would bring her lunch and dinner, which at first she thought was mildly sweet. It was when he stayed to talk about the comings and goings of the city was when he danced on the threads of her patience. He would stay near her for an hour or more, which would put her back slightly on her work. Dolgan would not leave until Phealea finally reached the end of her rope. Her soft smile would fade and a cold stare would form in her eyes. She would ask Dolgan to leave and he would then get the point.

It was nearing the end of her task when Dolgan awkwardly made his way to Phea's study table deep in the back of the Hall. Phealea heard his footsteps echoing down the hall and finished her work on the last forgery. She quickly tucked the real document into her notebook and slid the forgery into her finished pile. It was another four heartbeats later when Dolgan came into sight and came to a stopp near her desk. He fidgeted nervously for a moment as he watched Phealea work on her paper. After about a moment Phealea made a silent sigh to herself and looked up at her would-be suitor. She gave him a warm smile and set down her quill. "Is there something you need, Dolgan?" She asked in the sweetest voice she could muster.

"Oh... um... I mean yes! I was wondering how your treatise was coming along." He managed.

"Just fine, I am almost finished with the Cinderstal, Emberfall, and Icemantle families. Thank you for asking me though Dolgan, that was very sweet of you. You have also been a very big help to my efforts and for that I am most grateful to you, dear Dolgan." She said as she touch his hand. She was almost finished with her business in Dalaran and was a mood to be a bit pleasant.

He was caught off guard by her words. Phealea watched his reaction with a bit of glee. That should keep his father and mine happy. Now he can't say I have been nothing but pleasant this time, she thought as she removed her hand from his. She picked up her quill and went back to work on paper. It was then Dolgan coughed lightly to regain her attention.

"Well since you are almost finished, I was thinking that maybe you and I could go out for dinner? I happen to know a place near by that serves some of the best cuisine. They even get there ingredients from outside the barrier." He said rather quickly and nervously.

Phealea looked up at Dolgan as a familiar voice spoke in her ear.

"Phealea, you there?"

"Excuse me?" She asked and then quickly regretted her action. She had forgotten her comms was still in her ear and she made a rookie mistake. Her mic was not even on which only caused her more frustration. It was then she realized Dolgan was talking at her. He seemed a bit flustered as his eyes darted back and forth.

"Um, I was just wondering if you wanted to get something to eat later." He stammered.

Phealea wrinkled her nose slightly and was about to answer when the voice popped back into her ear.

"Phealea. Hurry it up in there. I'm expecting trouble from a crazy warlock, and I need you out, back home, with the documents." Krelle said.

That is just great, a fel user. Of all the accursed luck, she thought as she stood up. "That sounds fantastic Dolgan, but I will have to take a rain check. I have to take care of some business matters. I will be back however as I still have a good amount of work to finish on the actual paper. I promise though that next time we will go." She said with as much fake sincerity she could muster. With that she collected her notebook and satchel and made her way to the door.

Limduul Edit

((By Limduul))

It was a fine night at the Gallow's end.

From miles around it seemed, every reasonably shambling corpse had packed the place full; understandably, drinks being on the house tonight and all.

The forsaken were stacked together like cord wood (in some cases literally for some of the less amblatory) sharing spirits and tales, and listening in to the speaker who apparently was paying the tab on this one.

A very emotional and provocative orator was Jonbraun. With the booze to aid their attention spans, wasn't a dead folk in the building wasn't moved by the echoing of his words, that had the ability to stir at the blackened shreds of their hearts. All of this without the benefit of a lower jaw no less!

Though in truth most of the company weren't -quite- sure what he was saying, it was rather dramatic, and inspiring nonetheless. And when you've been dead a bit, you find yourself lusting after just about anything that will make you -feel-.

So when he shouted three words that were somewhat more well pronounced then those that had come before, everyone of course joined in to repeat them...


Elsewhere, a rather singular -and single minded- individual found himself pondering words as well.

Juk'nar was he, and was he Juk'nar! Juk'nar the Amazing, Juk'nar the powerful! Was there ever so great a creature in all the nether so wondrous as he?!

Juk'nar who danced through the silly mages barrier. A squeezing fit, but all the same. So what if the one that dared to call himself "Master" may or may not have helped marginally in the passage. Nothing could have been with out Juk'nar!

And Juk'nar had come to show the silly mages his wonders!

With a crackling burst the imp who was master of all that is, came into being where he desired to be. As if he wanted to be anywhere else other than here? Ha! Let the paltry mages come with their fire, Juk'nar was Fire! Fire...


The words came back to him, as he now danced amidst the shelves and piles of secrets passed...

"So whatcha need Boss?"

The decrepit figure had stared down at him, then turned to gaze upon the purplish dome, and spoke the words.

Which echoed as the singular of a very single mind.

The imp danced this way and that, finally coming to his audience, the ones he would bring the wonders to!

Phealea was halfway to the exit, briefly checking through the shief of papers a last time as she heard Dolgan scream behind her. Quickly she turned, finding him pale as a sheet, pointing behind her.

"Ah,!" he stammered rather stupidly.

She slowly returned her gaze toward the door, to find herself staring at a small imp, grinning at her as it danced about the aisle, half singing , it spoke, as if pretending to be someone, attempting humor in it's mimicry"

"Behold Juk'nar" it began, sparks forming at it's finger tips as it summersaulted before them; "Dalaran, even after your true masters passing, a monument to the wonder and will of mankind. Within this last bastion, a last enclosure of sanity for the reasoning mind. A vast archive, both of knowledge, and relics of era's long past."

The imp stopped in it's mimicry, to play it's part in the story.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. Whatcha want?"

With a cackle, the imp began to dance again, it's fingers now bathed in flames, as with a roar it spoke it's master's reply.

"Be a good little fellow, and burn it to the ground."

Phealea's mouth twisted into a sneer. An imp! Here! Blast it all, she thought as she stared down the little creature. She turned slightly to look at Dolgan, who was still a bit shocked by the events. She scoffed and turned to give the little demon her full attention. Phealea frowned as she saw the imp's hand become bathed in flame. She inched forward and activated one of her protective wards so that fire would not be so much of a threat to her for the time.

She whispered a few arcane words and focused her will on the air in front of her. A light sound of swirling water was heard. The sound grew in an instant to ocean waves crashing into one another. It was then that Douroon came into being once again on Azeroth. The large water elemental loomed over his mistress and focused on the imp. It made an odd sound, something vaguely resembled the sounds of a small flowing brook. Phealea just smiled and issued a mental command. The water elemental gurgled and then took point in front of Phealea. It threw one of its massive hands back and then lashed out and a large ball of hard water flew from its hands and toward the imp.

Even if you survive that I got a present for you, demon. She thought as her hands pulsed with a blueish light.

The imp gave a wide grin as it skipped and jumped to the side to dodge the blast of water from Douroon. With a song on its lips the fire around its hands increased in intensity. With a high pitched laugh it threw back its hands to hurl the ball of fire at the offending elemental. It was then it realized its fire had gone out. It turned to the human girl in white who had finished whispering something. It was then the imp realized what she had done, countered and sealed his magic away for a moment. Phealea did not give the imp more than two heartbeats to come to terms that this was her game. She rushed the imp as she prepared her next move. The imp blinked at the charging mage and then everything felt cold, then numb. Phealea stood a sword length away from the imp with her hand held out before her. Chilling winds cascaded from her hands and froze the imp where it stood. A small satisfied smirk formed on her face.

"Thanks for the distraction there Douroon. Go back home and rest."

The elemental made a bubbling sound and then twisted into a cylinder and vanished into nothingness. Phealea turned back to the frozen imp and calculated how much time she could hold it for. She turned to Dolgan and put on a scared face.

"Dolgan! I don't know how long I can hold it! Get the city guard. now!" She yelled in a practiced excited manner.

Dolgan unfroze himself at the sudden shouting in his direction. He had been transfixed on the small but short battle. His mind was racing with a thousand different thoughts and most likely would have kept going if not for Phealea yelling at him. He attempted to look serious as he brought up all his courage and then ran as fast as he could past Phealea and the demon. Once he was out of the door and out of sight Phealea then kneeled down next to the imp and charged her hand with arcane energy. She transcribed a rune in the air in front of the froze imp. The air popped and sizzled with power as the rune took effect.

"That should keep the little monster frozen for one full bell. " She said to no one in particular as she stood and checked her satchel. All is as it should be.

With a grin she made her exit. She saw Dolgan about a bow cast away from her speaking with the armored soldiers of the Kirin Tor. She did not feel like dealing with any minions of the Kirin Tor at this particular moment. Phea sighed a bit as she knew her time to deal with the mageocracy was nearing. She pushed those thoughts from her mind and chanted the words of an invisibility spell. It was not long before she vanished from sight and returned to the quiet world of nothingness. She made her way to an alley where she quickly scribed a small note. By the time she had finished her spell had faded from her and she stood in an alley in the central part of the city. She walked out of the alley and made her way down the street. She stopped a small boy on the street and smiled sweetly as she clanged together two gold coins.

"I need you to deliver a note to Minister Sarina Spellfire. She should be leaving the Tower of the Kirin Tor soon. Can you do that?" She asked. The boy nodded eagerly. At that Phea leaned in close and whispered softly into his ear. "And if you fail to deliver the note in a timely fashion, you will be enchanted into a pig. I am sure your mom could use the extra food, eh?"

The boy's eyes lit up with fear as she dropped the coin and the note into his hands. She patted his head and whisper a arcane word just to drive the point home. The boy ran off like a gunshot towards the Tower. Phealea smiled and then pulled out a rune of teleportation. She frowned as this would use up more energy than normal but it was needed. She made her way back to the alley and began her spell. It was not long before she appeared in the mage tower of Stormwind. It was not soon after that she caught the next gryphon to the Bay.

Outside the Tower of the Kirin TorEdit

Sarina yawned as she felt the exhaustion of another day of dealing with the Kul Tiras ambassadors. She muttered to herself about ignorant sailors as she made her way out of the Tower. She would summon for a carriage to take her home today as she had no energy for the walk back to Spellfire Hall. As she stepped out of the large gates to the Tower a young boy ran toward her. He looked up at her and held out the note.


Sarina blinked in a bit of confusion but took the note all the same. The boy then ran off as fast as he could. Sarina shrugged her shoulders and popped open the note.

I need to get out of this damn bubble for a bit. Business is calling, you know. That and I had a run in with an imp at the Hall of Records. Had Dolgan inform the guards and I increased the power in the magic I used to bind the horrid little thing. Tell the old man that I am doing a bit of digging at Ambermill and some of the other former land holdings for more facts and such. I will be back to turn in the report to the Council. Plus I still owe you dinner and I always make good on what I owe.
Take care of yourself and when I return we will go to the family catacombs and pay our respects together.

"Leaving it to me to weave a story again, eh Phea? What is this? The old days?" Sarina said with a chuckle. She called for a carriage and made her way back home to lie to daddy.

As soon as Phea landed she took in a deep breath of the Bay's air and wrinkled her nose. The smell of fish, sweat, and salt filled her nose. She reminded herself this is why she liked to stay inside. She then made her way back up to the Lab. She clicked her comms on as she went.

"Krelle, this is Phea and I am back in the Bay with the goods. I will hand them to you at home."

The LabEdit

Krelle heaved a sigh of relief. One less thing to worry about. Anticipating Phealea's imminent arrival, she'd had her hearth stone keyed to the inn in Silvermoon - and then travelled back to the Bay. She hopped off of her desk in the office and headed out the door as she answered Phealea.

"Sounds good, Phea. Glad you're back safe. I'll meet you in the Lab."

Krelle kept to the rooftop paths, superstitiously avoiding the main streets. When dealing with warlocks, it was always best to assume that whatever could go wrong, would - and her current deal had two warlocks in it.

"So these are the famous documents, eh?"

Phealea nodded calmly and took a sip of her tea. The mage was sitting in her favourite chair. It was the only adult-human sized chair in the Lab since Krelle found gnome furniture comfortable, and mostly just sat on the low tables anyway.

The little forsaken was perched on the edge of a workbench, carefully looking over the deeds. She fell silent as she examined them minutely, front and back. Phealea waited patiently, enjoying her drink. One thing about the Bay, you really could buy anything - even the now-rare Lordaeron Grey tea leaves.

"So was there much trouble?" Krelle finally asked, looking up.

Phealea smiled. "Not much. Dolgan was a bore, as usual, but nothing serious. The warlock you warned me of sent an imp to 'burn down the library' but it was easily dealt with. I left the creature for the guards to handle."

Krelle nodded, pleased. "Good. The last thing we need is more trouble. Good job getting these Phea - I don't know how we could have done it without you," she said sincerely, then grinned. "That offer for Dolgan stands, don't forget! I owe ya one."

Phealea shrugged it off. "It was just a job. And now it's done. You don't owe me anything."

Krelle shrugged, still grinning. "Maybe. But infiltrating Dalaran's a special kinda job." She hopped off the table, carefully folding the deeds up and sealing them in a flat leather document-pouch. "How about I go get us our pay, then? I bet Emberfall will be keen to get these."

"Do you need a portal?" Phealea offered.

"Nah, thanks. Your portals are all a bit far from Silvermoon - I've got my hearth there anyway," she said, taking out the enchanted stone. "I'll be back for the meeting tonight," she continued, knocking on wood absently. "Lot's goin' on - I want to get this done and over though. We'll catch up tonight, ok?"

Phealea nodded. "Sounds reasonable."

"Good. See ya later, then," Krelle said, activating her stone. A dark green aura swelled around it as the spell started. "Good work Phealea," she said as she dissapeared.

Phealea let out a sigh. Alone at last. She sank deeper into her chair and put her feet up, savouring her tea.

Epilogue, Undercity CourtyardEdit

"Ho, Pox."

"Evening, Krelle."

Krelle sighed as she leaned against the cold stone wall of the Undercity courtyard. "Dark shadows of the unrelenting nether," she swore as she slid down the wall to the ground. "Times like this I wish I drank."

Poxsore smirked at her. "I've got some of that mead from last night..."

Krelle gave him a sardonic grin, tugging her gauntlets off. "Nah. Thanks anyway." She rubbed her face wearily.

"Don't say I didn't offer."

"I'd never."

"So - aside from not sleeping the last two nights...?"

"What's got me so bushed?" she grinned at him.

"If you don't mind my asking," he added mildly. Pox was still a new associate, getting to know the inner workings of the Tong, and was careful to not overstep his bounds. Krelle had taken to him right away - he thought like a sneak, but fought like a warrior. It was an interesting combination.

"Felblighted nobles," she grunted, pulling out her waterskin. She took a long drink, then passed it to Pox. He took it and drank as she continued. "Finally got those damn documents off my hands though. Worth it. Barely worth it, but worth it to be done."

He nodded, passing back the skin. "That bad?"

Krelle sighed wearily, moitoning for him to just drop the thing beside her. "Not really, I guess I'm just overtired. Still," she said indignantly, sitting up a bit. "Did you hear about this job?"

"Not really."

"Well yer gonna," she stated flatly, lapsing into Gutterspeak. "So this lady comes to us with a job. She wants some official documents retrieved. 'No problem' I say - 'Retrievals, we can do,' I say."

Pox nodded, listening with a grin.

"So, 'Slight caveat,' she says. 'The documents are in Dalaran.' Now I thought to myself, 'Krelle', I thought, 'That is a crazy job. No one gets in or out of Dalaran. This lady is boned.' But then, I thought to myself 'Oh wait, Phealea has mad connections there. Maybe we can hack this.'"


Krelle waved it off, unwilling to be deterred from her rambling story. "So we do it. We get the job done. We do it without killing anyone, which is a bonus, we do it without letting anyone know that it was her, or us, which I thought was pretty clever, and we do it without the felsworn Dalaran mages turning our agents into lightblighed sheep which I thought was pretty damn key."

Poxsore smirked as she waxed sarcastic. "I'm gathering that your genius wasn't appreciated?"

Krelle let out a long "ppttbth" sound, deflating a bit. "Felblighted nobles. Naw, she gave me this song and dance about how three weeks was too long."

"What'd you say?"

"Fel, I told her the truth. I said that was as fast as the job could have been done and still gone that smoothly, and that if she'd wanted them sooner she should have asked us sooner."

"She buy it?"

Krelle snorted. "She told me 'Next time, spill blood.' Yeah, like a smash and grab would work so well in Dalaran."

Poxsore shook his head sympathetically. "What'd you say?"

"Ah, no point in arguing. She paid me. A hundred gold, which is low for a job that ridiculous, but since we had so little trouble with it..." The small forsaken shrugged. "I assume she kept her bonus for speedy delivery. Fel. Next time I'm gonna get a timeline and a price ironed out ahead of time, I swear. My fault, I guess, for not making it clear that stealing documents out of a fortified, isolationist mage town would take time," she said with bitter sarcasm.

"Next time?"

Krelle smirked up at him. "She said it first."

Poxsore smirked back. "I'm surprised you'd take another job from such a difficult client," he said with mock seriousness.

Krelle waved a hand in a magnanimous gesture. "Ah well, Pox ya gotta keep yer eye on the big picture. Sure this job was a bit hairy, but y'know, the next one might be a bit more doable, eh?" Krelle sighed and fell silent, looking out over the ruins of the courtyard. She's got her documents, she thought wearily. Now we get to watch and see what she does with them.

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