- by Oriion
- by Krain

The Druid flew through the air, landing rather unsafely on his side. He slid roughly on the clay and ash, his bare back becoming scratched and worn. Oriion groaned, his staff lying several feet off to the side, having flew out of his hands. He reached out for it, but to little avail, as a scaly black foot quickly stepped on it.

The dragonkin smirked at the disarmed elf, its long tongue whipping out and tasting the air of victory.

"You have tresspassssed too far beyond your tree." the dragonkin hissed, leaping forward, sword in one hand and Oriion's staff in the other.

Oriion quickly got on all fours, his skin toughening as he shifted to a dire bear. Still, the power of the lizard's blow forced the bear to stumble back once more, this time inches away from a cliff. He roared out in desperation, not remembering the last time he'd been struck so hard. He shifted back to his elven form to heal, but before he could even move, a thick black tail wrapped tightly around his throat.

"Diiiie!" the dragonkin screeched, picking the Druid up by his throat.

Oriion coughed through clenched teeth, raising his hand into plain view and waving it slowly in the air, looking into his assailant's eyes. Gradually, the tail loosened from around his neck, and the dragonkin's grip on reality loosened as well. Soon the beast had fell to the floor in a deep sleep.

Oriion dusted himself off, casually walked over to the body and picked up his staff. He cracked his neck and looked down at the slumbering monster.

"Sleep it off."

And with that, he continued on his way.

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