The subject of this article is dormant and is not currently active on the Earthen Ring Server.
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Hand of Arthas is a Heavy Roleplaying guild on the realm, Earthen Ring.

Guild Overview Edit


The Hand serves the Scourge and its master.

The Hand of Arthas is Cult founded by Kennyk Kalas, along with support from Nettias, Xzorn, and Saphrina Ayls. The Cult's goal is to destroy Stormwind from the inside-out, and eventually being rewarded by the Lich King himself in Northrend. The Hand of Arthas operates within Stormwind through political intrigue and brute force. The guild roster being kept secret from many within the guild and all without.

Activity Edit

The Hand is currently disbanded and inactive. Due to pressure by the populace and law.

Leader of the Cult Edit

Kennykk Kalas is the current leader of the Hand of Arthas. He commands the cult with an iron-fist and unending will that may bring the walls of Stormwind falling to the ground.