Title None
Nicknames Hokie, "Turtle Soup Jr?"
Profession Pet
Race Turtle
Gender Male
Age ??
Height 1 ft
Weight 50 lbs
Hair Color None
Eye Color Black
Skin Color Green
Creator Mhukah
Players with Interest Berlshenk

Now, after the Third War, Mhukah had conceived an offspring. How? Unraveling this mystery would prove difficult, so let us digress. Mhukah gave birth to an offspring, who Berlshenk dubbed "Hakuum." Have you discovered the relations? Hakuum is the pronounced opposite of Mhukah. That was pretty clever, wouldn't you say? Anyways, Hakuum may have the opposite of Mhukah's name, but the personalities have not changed so much. Like Mhukah, Hakuum is shy, timid, bashful, and what have you. If you do not see Hakuum physically, chances are he's hiding cozily in Mhukah's outer shell. Hakuum is too weak to do battle and watches from the inside as his ferocious mother does battle alongside Berlshenk. He likes fruits and sleeping.

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