Earthen Ring Wiki

Guardians of the Circle

Guild Leader/Guild Master: Kitharai

Contact Person/Method: Kitharai, Riyu, or Sheyana

Recruiting Status: Open

RP "Newbie"- Friendly: We do our best to teach and foster new rpers.


We investigate disturbances in and maintain the balance between Light and Nature. Think of us as a medivel ghostbusters.


Lower then lvl 30 at this time (due to the fact that the guild leader is only lvl 32 anything higher would upset the hierarchy.). We only ask that you be active and civil. Given our focus there may be few Warlock-ilk who could present something of that nature which also fits well into their own character's saga.

Raiding Interest:

Our ranking system is based on a honor/glory system therefore we have some interest in fighting on the Battlegrounds for the Alliance. Currently our numbers and levels are too small to safely venture in the most dangerous of Azeroth's dungeons. Role-playing dungeons is something that is seldom done, which we are also very interested in doing - though that may not be a frequent event (how often does venturing into the dangers of any instance come up in a character's story?) Our stance on raiding is ambivalent considering our few numbers. Note: RP is Medium-Ooc doesnt bother me over guild channels but please keep it civil

Other Info:

We are seeking members, though are aiming to keep the number of members around twenty at first. We currently only have eight. If a person is found not to be active or if they do not log on within a certain period of time during the signing process they will either be demoted or summery removed from the guild. We have no interest in empty slots and bodies in chairs.