Gornn BauHaus
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Gornn
Faction Alliance
Race Dwarf
Gender Male
Class Warrior
Guild Gray Tiger Tong
IC Info
Nicknames None
Title Accountant, Tiger Claw
Alignment Lawful Neutral

Physical DescriptionEdit

Paunchy. Pale from being inside so much.


Cautious and careful. Defers to other Tigers. Knows he's a cog in the machine and tries not to get crushed in the gears.


Gornn is a bit of an enigma. Unlike many who take to the adventuring life, Gornn comes from a happy home of a well-to-do family in Ironforge. Despite a pair of hard working parents and a good education, Gornn strayed into the underworld, where he enjoyed the risks and profits that could be made.

Gornn put his education to use, generally putting aside his axe, and began profiteering at the auction house. Spotted by Tai Jiang making a handsome profit off a naive gnome mage on watered down potions, Gornn was soon recruited into the Gray Tiger Tong as the Tong's Ironforge contact.

His way with money eventually earned him the dubious honor of being the Tong's accountant. He was engaged to be married to Carilly, a gnome, but she mysteriously disappeared.

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