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The Gnomeregan Rebellion is a heavy role-playing guild on the Earthen Ring server.

Guild Overview[]

The Gnomeregan Rebellion is a guild founded by Sukotto Bombtosser, and was co-founded by Shermt Boarhunter, and as a result, it is lead by Sukotto and co-owned by Shermt. It is a guild dedicated to the defeat of the troggs who took over Gnomeregan.


The guild is really on-and-off on activity, as at some points there are over thirty members, while at others, there are under ten. The reason to this is due to the guild leader not signing on for about a week or so. However, to make up for it, Sukotto is getting on just about every day and is now trying to return the guild to it's former status.

Guild Meetings[]

So far there have been two guild meetings:

Guild Meeting #1: This guild meeting took place in Kharanos Inn. Member Lilmoon was given a promotion for recruiting a record amount of members, and plans for the future were discussed.

Guild Meeting #2: This guild meeting took place in the empty house in the Dwarven District of Stormwind. Many issues were discussed, such as how to recruit people, scheduling guild events, and more. This guild meeting also resulted in a tabard change, from the old light blue garden gnome foreshadowing a dark blue background to golden cogs foreshadowing a red background (the current tabard).


It is sometimes somewhat unclear on how the guild feels about certain things, mostly about the troggs and leper gnomes. Sukotto has stated that all members should attack any troggs on-site, and should only attack leper gnomes in self-defense, as a cure could be found and they could later be restored as the gnome they once were.