Earthen Ring Wiki
Gizmik Fazzle
Nicknames Giz
Profession Wheeling and Dealing
Race Goblin
Gender Male
Age 23
Height 3' 2"
Weight N/A
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Two-Tone
Skin Color Fern Green
Creator Stamp
Players with Interest Stamp

A goblin friend of Stamp's, formerly a scorekeeper at the Shimmering Flats racetrack, who earned a fortune publishing stories of Stamp's adventures and selling Stamp action figures.

In the past, Gizmik has:

  • Introduced Stamp to a goblin speech improvement device that made Stamp sound literate, but turned him into a pompous ass.
  • Persuaded Stamp to take up goblin engineering, which led to several mishaps with a special teleportation device that sometimes replaced Stamp with his evil twin from a parallel dimension, set him on fire, or transmogrified him from a Tauren into a sequence of murloc, gnoll, trogg and kobold.
  • Racked up enormous debts to gangster goblins that ended up trying to kill both Gizmik and his friends.
  • Found a producer named Steepen Sprocklebert to subsidize a motion picture starring Stamp. Fazzle was writing the script for the project, known as Demon Space Paladins, until Stamp dropped out of the film. Sprocklebert fired Fazzle, hired a paladin named Lykis to finish writing the script and gave the starring role to a Tauren named Stormthuman.

Gizmik died soon after this turn of events. His charred body was found along the shore of the Bloodvenom River in Felwood, the words "STAMP HIT" carved into his forehead. The Steamwheedle Cartel has been investigating the murder. The Forsaken warlock, Rote, became a prime suspect in the killing. When Cartel enforcers tried taking him into custody in Tanaris, many were killed or badly wounded.