The Ghouls

- by Razas

Chapter 2: The Scourge

Re-enter Stratholme, as our fine four fiends are putting themselves back together from the vicious onslaught of the alliance raid group.

Tony: Ugh ... I swear sometimes I just want to quit the Scourge and do something else. Getting killed so often bugs the hell out of me.

Jeff: Tony, shut up, man. That's the stuff that's going to get you killed permanently. And really, this ain't so bad. Sure, we get roughed up a bit, but trust me, it's better than a lot of jobs. We die; we get back up.

Albert: Yeah, not so bad. I mean, sure, there's that whole "free will" thing, but pssh... I'd rather never die and sit here and shoot the breeze with you guys all day than be living. Even you, Alex. *snicker*

Alex: *sarcasm* That's real sweet, Albert. Anyway, you guys hear the news?

Everybody else: Nah, what's goin' on?

Alex: Word from the top, or so I heard. Anastari, my sweet little muf-

Everyone but Alex: BEEEE ESSSS!

Alex: You guys really need to shut up. Anyway, I heard that Rivendare is taking ideas for a new race that we should incorporate into the Scourge. He's asking for everyone to give ideas. Like, animal types, not the thinking races.

Moment of silence.

Albert: Crocolisks.

Tony: What? Crocolisks? You mean the six-legged reptile things?

Albert: Yeah, what's not to like about them? Low to the ground, sneaky, fearsome jaws. I saw a few guys once wrestle 'em. Crocolisk jaws are as strong as a kodo. Tear people up.

Jeff: You've gotta be kidding me. I can just imagine it now. "Release the Crocoliches!" Albert, there is no way in hell that Rivendare is going to go for crocolisks. Too stupid.

Albert: All right, smart guy, you come up with a new species for us to start infecting.

Jeff: Fine, I will ... uhhh ...

Tony: He's got nothin'. Here's what I think we should get into the Scourge. Naga.

Alex: What? That's a race that can think, Tony. We're trying to get some minions lower than regular ghouls.

Tony: So? What's not to like about a hot green chick with four arms? Naga, all the way.

Various groans are heard from the rest.

Jeff: Ok, I got mine. Raptors.

Alex: Raptors?

Tony: Hmmm, seems we have a reptile theme going on here ...

Jeff: Shaddup, Tony. Yeah, raptors. Fierce, agile, angry buggers, can tear apart a cow in a few minutes?

Alex: Eh, I dunno. Undead raptors. Just sounds kinda weird. What would we call 'em?

Albert: Rapta Fiends?

*groans heard all about*

Tony: Nah, how about ... Rap Terrors?

Alex: Eh, maybe. They got those claws and everything, right? How about Plague Talons?

Jeff: Yeah, that actually sounds pretty good. Alex, you are really good at coming up with somewhat scary and mostly creepy stuff.

Alex: Shut up, Jeff, and you've got worms coming out of your eye.

Jeff: Mmm ... snackage. *pops the worm in his mouth and starts chewing*

Tony: Jeff, we EAT people and somehow I found that utterly disgusting.

Albert: We're dead, so what?

Alex: Yeah, thats true... Still, I agree with Tony... yuck. Right, anyway, I'll suggest Plague Talons to Anast-


Alex: I really hate you guys....

End The Ghouls Chapter 2: The Scourge

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