OOC Game Stats
Game Name Garaf
Faction Horde
Race Orc
Gender Male
Class Hunter
Guild Crowlcon
Professions Leatherworker
IC Info
Title Sentinel
Age 48
Height 6'2"
Hair Grey
Eyes Blue
Skin Forest Green
Alignment Neutral Good

Physical DescriptionEdit

Garaf was a typical young orc in appearance (round about the relative age of late 20s or so) but wore a wolf-mask at all times.


Strong-willed but young and brash Garaf was forced to mature quickly when he was sent from his home village to hunt down his boyhood friend, Caledfwch.


Deep in the Alterac mountains, shielded from all eyes was a tiny village of Frostwolf orcs. It was there that Garaf grew up with his boyhood friend, Caledfwch. Caledfwch left while he was still young on a pilgrimage to find his path as a shaman. Following a disturbing vision, Garaf was sent after him a few months later to help the young shaman out. Unfortunately it would be too late. By the time Garaf found Caledfwch, the shaman was already being possessed by the battle-spirit Grangier. Despite Garaf's actions, Caledfwch attacked a number of people, including butchering the village the two boys had come from.

Garaf eventually tracked Caledfwch/Grangier down after that and succeeded in killing the orc/avatar. After that Garaf remained a member of the guild The Bone Splinter for a time before splitting off to form Crowlcon to restore the tradition of Sentinels in the new world. This effort was short lived however as an unknown force destroyed the Crowlcon a few months after it's inception. Garaf survived long enough to pass the guild and cause along to a High Elf he met by chance, Esslar Lunari.

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