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OOC Game Stats
Game Name Fyai
Faction Horde
Race Troll
Gender Male ... theoretically
Class Hunter
Guild Drunken Monkey Brewery
Professions Enchanting, Engineering
IC Info
Nicknames The Fancy
Title The Trollsaken
Age 25
Height 7'8
Hair Dark Blue
Eyes Red
Skin Grey
Alignment chaotic-good

"The Night Elves tried to get me to stop saying 'mon', but I guess some things just stick forever, amnesia or not."

Description[edit | edit source]

There are three small scratch scars between his left tusk and ear, and his right eye is replaced by a mechanical one.

Currently, he is retiring in an undisclosed location.

He either has a black raptor at his side by the name of "Toy", or a green ravager he seems to have named "Shnarfy".

He has recently lost his complete memory and finds it very bothersome to constantly tell people 'I don't remember you, sorry.'. He can't quite get himself up to being really upset about the amnesia, his philosophy being "You can't really miss something when you don't remember having it." Instead, he prefers to live every day to its fullest right here and now.

People have told him his favourite colour is pink, and he's as flaming as can get. He's inclined to believe them, because, really, there's no denying Blood Elf men have pretty mouths.

Tenchan 14:39, 27 January 2008 (UTC)

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