Earthen Ring Wiki

Full Name: Tenefrellendion Merredoniel (but no one knows that) In-Game: Frelle
Nickname: Frelle

Guild: G.E.A.R.
Title: none (or Engineer)

Race: Night Elf
Class: Priest
Professions: Engineering/Mining

Age: equivalent to human early 20's
Sex: female
Hair: dark blue, worn in a simple ponytail
Eyes: silvery and vague, usually covered by goggles
Weight: Underweight
Height: a little shorter than average
Garments/Armor: random, threadbare, stained and singed
Other: Smells of gunpowder and other chemicals; has various gadgets clipped to her belt and otherwise kept about her person.

Alignment: Neutral Good with Chaotic tendencies

Personality: Nerd. Geek. Mad Scientist. A bit of Asperger's. Wants to help others but sees solutions in complex and dangerous machines.

History: and