The subject of this article is dormant and is not currently active on the Earthen Ring Server.

Logo by Brian Weseman (Aphotika)

Guild Information

Established: 15 May 2006
Guild Type: Medium Roleplay
Disbanded: 24 Apr 2007

Guild Manifesto

The purpose of "Freelance" had been to generate a welcome roleplaying atmosphere for everyone. It was the goal of the guild, through roleplay and interactions with others, to foster a more cooperative RP atmosphere with others of like minds.

"Freelance" had no In-Character identity; the guild was not a character. It had no IC goal, no direction, no purpose in the In-Character world of Earthen Ring. It was done this way so that the characters within the guild, and those outside it that interacted with them were not inhibited in any way by the guild function. In this, it was hoped that Freelance could make itself a welcome community for one and all to seek out villains, heroes, or merely willing participants of different makes and models. Freelance was simply a resource; if you need actors, or plot help, it was a guild where they were more than willing to assist you.

Former Freelance Storylines

Why did Freelance disband?

In a nutshell? It was Life. Plain and simple. Many of the key officers in Freelance found themselves with less and less time to play the game. Several members left the game prior to the expansion, dwindling the population of the guild even further. In the end, all that was left of Freelance was a handful of members. Even in spite of numerous attempts to bolster membership and openly recruit, Freelance never truly recovered from the loss of so many members at once.

Ultimately, the long-time guild leader Gospel_Lightfaith came to the decision to disband so that those whom were left could find prospects elsewhere with clear consciences, instead of clinging to the ghost of their guild out of heartfelt loyalty.

Where are they now?

Purloin, the erstwhile gnome rogue branched off to create her own guild Level Up. It is roleplay friendly, but the focus is entirely on levelling and instancing, as well as just enjoying the game in general.

Gospel is currently unguilded and not really looking for any prospects.

What few remaining Freelance members can still be found in their shared channel, which is open to the public. (/join ffrpoc)

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