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Hello hello! Im feeling quite nostalgic about lots of things in my life. No video games appeal to me at the moment, I'm actually quite dissapointed to be honest, and I am considering buying a game card, or more likely waiting a few more days till I am eligible for a scroll of re$$urection.

It might be worth paying the subscription fees just to sit in a city and try to get together pvp patrols aka Lils oldtyme style.

Whats the general consensus about wrath of the lich king? When burning crusade came out, all I needed to do was kill fel orcs and the green drops were better than raid gear. Shirley the same will happen, no?

I hope that you all are still having a blast and if there is any sort of old timers channel tell everyone I said hi.


By and large, I'm still having fun. --Stamp 14:49, 27 February 2008 (UTC)
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